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In her book, Born to Live Green, Candia Lea Cole tells her beautiful, heartfelt story of how environmental illness led her to become a learner and then a leader in the eco-conscious movement. Through this memoir, Candia becomes both ‘wounded healer’ and ‘wisdom bringer’ to her readers, who will no doubt receive help and guidance for their own healing journeys from this fine work. —Rochelle Melander, author,


The world needs eco-mentors who have ‘walked the walk’ as Candia Lea Cole has. She describes for us in Born to Live Green why we need to reawaken our eco-intelligence and how we can use it to explore our own roles as Eco-Mentors in our homes and communities —Dr. William Manahan, M.D., Author and Assistant Professor Emeritus, Dept. of Family Medicine and Community Health, U of M Medical School


Born to Live Green is a rare treasure. Candia Lea Cole shares a personal journey to wholeness that both inspires us and challenges us to reevaluate our own commitment to an eco-friendly partnership with the earth. It’s a timely invitation to mothers, daughters, and grandmothers to wake up to the urgency of our times and contemplate our roles as Eco-Mentors in co-creating a sustainable future. —Tricia Webster, Creator, Sustainable Leadership


Leaders in today’s world are hungering for a “time-out” for deep, genuine, transformative conversation as they prepare to step forward and serve in these times. And this book stimulates that conversation with our families, friends, and communities. In the book Born to Live Green we find a story of personal healing and transformation coupled with an inspired faith that life will go on for future generations. We find a roadmap of how to identify the values of a whole and nourished life. We find practices that are deeply rooted in personal and human development which bring together all aspects of our lives with the core principles of leadership. Candia Lea Cole is a visionary practitioner that we can all trust to lead us on the educational path that explores living healthy, whole, and sustainable lives. —Patricia Neal, Co-founder & CEO Heartland Inc.


After we have strayed so far from Nature in so many ways, there is nothing our society needs more urgently than to find our way back to wholeness through a path that inspires eco-intelligent living. Born to Live Green invites us to make a conscious connection between our personal and planetary needs and supports us in learning new ways to mother the earth, as it has long mothered us! —Monica Matos, Founder Ten Moons Rising Holistic Family Education


In Born to Live Green, we get a glimpse of a beautiful spirit, whose tender, candid, and impassioned life invites us to become the eco-friendly world we are all longing to see and experience. A must-read for the emerging adult, and those who nurture them! —Susan Marie Lawlor – Parent, and Life-Long Learner


Candia Lea Cole is a woman who found the courage to shift from pain to purpose, speak her truth, and spark a revolution. Born to Live Green is Candia’s invitation to all of us to know that when we make our healing matter, we often find a path to greater contribution. Read her book and you will marvel at how Candia's personal healing experience is now serving as a catalyst for our planetary healing! —Dawn Richerson, Founder, Make Your Healing Matter 


Candi’s book, Born to Live Green, shares the benefit of being like “two books in one.” The first half chronicles her journey of self-learning and self-healing as a young teenage woman, and the second half chronicles her journey as a mature woman who bravely answers the calling to become an Eco-Mentor. Both parts of her story symbolize an empowering rite of passage that younger and older women alike will be inspired by! ---Jean O’ Hern, Medical Intuitive and Natural Health Care Practitioner 


In Born to Live Green, we discover that Candia is one for whom passion is a way of life. Whether she’s talking about her experience of healing while walking the path to eco-intelligent living, or she’s using the lessons she gained along the way to create a curriculum that supports the rest of us in doing the same, her heart is so big it holds her family, her friends, her community, and her planet. In today’s movement to take responsibility for our health and our environment, Candia shows us the educational path that will support us in doing so! Everyone grab a seat; class is about to begin at Eco-Mentor U! —David Bonello, Publisher Minnesota Wellness Directory


In Born to Live Green, Candia Lea Cole shares her story of emergence in the world as a “wounded healer” who, in the spirit of a modern-day shaman, midwifes the birth of a new eco-consciousness for our ailing Mother Earth. Her personal chronicle of a human and spiritual quest to create a learner-friendly curriculum for today’s “Cultural Creatives” rings true of a universal journey of peaks and valleys that lead us ever upward towards a higher serenity and sacred awareness of our place in the life-web. —Carol McCormick, Professional Storyteller, and member of Healing Story Alliance


In her book Born to Live Green, Candia shares a story of her healing, transformation, and rebirth, to discover her life’s calling as an Eco-Mentor. Candia’s vision for “the new Earth” is extraordinary, and I am excited to participate in the Eco-Mentor Leadership curriculum training for women (talked about in her memoir), that her self-learning, self-healing journey inspired the birth of! —Lynn Koll, Co-founder of OASIS Center for Conscious Living 


In the book Born to Live Green, Candia Lea Cole reveals the complex health challenges she has suffered from during her lifetime that have led her to pave the path of a self-healer with courage and inner strength. Candia’s pain, we learn, has functioned as a brilliant teacher in her life, and we can all now, through Candia’s story, benefit from this teacher’s wisdom in our lives. —Kathleen A. Richardson, Life-Long Learner and Acupuncture Practitioner  


“Candia’s journey of awakening is one that every woman will be inspired by who is committed to her own personal growth work, and who wants to live her passion and purpose on a grander scale as a feminine leader. She has used her life challenges wisely to deepen the personal and planetary relationships that are essential to living well in our ecologically challenging times. In this book, she passes on the deep feminine wisdom she recovered through her self-healing process, to support others in finding their strength, beauty, and life purpose as Eco-Mentors. Thank you, Candia Lea, for being a true feminine leader! —Rachael Jayne Groover, Founder of The YIN Project. Author of Powerful and Feminine

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