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“Candia’s nut milks collection brings a taste of sun into the kitchen! I’ve added her nut milks to baked goods and even scrambled eggs. Delish!” - Tom Squier, Living Off the Land

“This is an author whose work with food you should know about!  Her nut milk recipes are the most appealing and unusual you’ll find, including Banana Coconut Cream Walnut Milk, Apple Fruit Harvest Pecan, and Mellow Carob Cocoa Almond Milk, to name just a few! There is something special about this author’s work, -she has a soulful desire to share with us her connection with nature, and the inspiration it brings to the creative process of food preparation.”- Grace Kirschenbaum, Editor of World of Cookbooks and The International Cookbook Newsletter

“Kids and adults should love the recipes in Not Milk Nut Milks!”- Jane Heimlich, author of What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You

“Mmmm, yummy, scrumptious liquid whole food recipes…throw another yule on the fire, Candia’s Mock Eggnog Cashew Milk has holiday crystal brimming with a velvety smooth taste sipping sensation that is heart-smart fortified!”-- So Young website

"I was extremely pleased with this book and cooking class, in that it offered a myriad of recipes for application not only with different nuts, but also different recipes for each type. As a new vegan, I have found it very cost-effective to make my own raw milks at home, and one can speculate the additional benefits of avoiding the preservatives in the more expensive store-bought options. I especially appreciated the dairy/egg-free "egg" nog recipe =). I would recommend this book to anyone interested in the benefits of nut milks for whatever reason, and especially if you are on a limited budget (like me) that does not make room for store-bought nut milks. If you are trying to remove dairy from your diet, you will also find that these milks make viable substitutes for dairy milk as ingredients in most recipes. Thanks for this infinitely useful product!" - Landen Saffles

"This is a wonderful book. It contains the best recipes for nut milks I have ever found. I have bought this book many times to give to friends as gifts. It is always well received and put to good use in their kitchens." - Dea Bea

"Wonderful recipes for those who want to make the transition from regular milk to nut milks. Grain milks are wonderful too. I use mung, spelt, and other nuts to make my milks and I'm lovin' it. I've been in love with Candia’s recipes for over 20 years. Outstanding recipes." - Indigo

"Not Milk...NUT MILKS is an excellent book for everyone looking for healthy alternatives to cow's milk. Almonds are hypoallergenic naturally and almond milk is perfectly safe when organic almonds are used. Peanuts (a bean, really, and not a nut at all) are one of the highest allergens in young children. Peanuts are also not the best choice for nut milks. Almonds contain proteins, fats, carbohydrates, calcium, potassium, and magnesium - they are the BEST choice for nut milks. Other "good" nuts are cashews, pecans, pine nuts, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and sesame seeds (maybe a tad strong for the wee ones). This book has 40 wonderful recipes. I have the first edition of this book (1990) for it's been a trusted friend for over 10 years and I have tested each and every recipe myself and they truly are wonderful... I HIGHLY recommend it. The best part is that it really gets you inspired and after tasting the delicious elixir and knowing all the benefits, you will NEVER buy boxes of soy, rice, or almond milk again. It's really a lovely book." Kytka Hilmar-Jezek  

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