(This package includes my book, segmented by chapter, plus an audio version of my story.)

"Health and happiness is our birthright. That's why it's so disheartening to know that mental and emotional health issues are on the rise all over the world. Although many people rely on drugs to deal with their discomfort, they are often ineffective for addressing the root of the problem. Clean, green living offers to be a solution that can nourish our bodies and brains as a whole!"      


Candia Lea Cole



If you're dealing with a mental, emotional, and/or neurological health challenge, I empathize with you! I've dealt with these types of issues myself, and so has my family.  I know, firsthand, the toll that conditions such as depression, brain tumor, mood disorder, anxiety, OCD, Parkinson’s disease, and Asperger’s syndrome take on a person's health and quality of life.   


In my book, I share my story with you, ---a story that will awaken you to the effect that toxins, allergens, nutritional deficiencies and hidden infections have on mental and emotional health. I'll teach you how to create a lifestyle that nourishes YOU, as well as your relationship with the natural world.  Relationships are the key to health!

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It's your time, to FEEL better!    


* Are you ready to learn about the kinds of toxins we must stop producing, which are known to create a burden of toxicity in the earth, as well as the human body and brain? 

·       Do you want to gain awareness about the ways in which infections, mold, and radiation hurt your physical and mental health?

·       Do you want to learn about the kinds of foods that you must avoid if you don’t want to experience mental health issues that originate from an inflamed brain and gut? 

·       Would you like to learn about the kinds of foods you can use, to detoxify each organ in your body, including your brain?   

·       Do you want to explore how you can use whole foods and super foods, as well as medicinal herbs and spices, to nourish whole-body health and immunity?   

·       Would you like to explore the kind of supplements and remedies that nature's pharmacy provides, for the purpose of balancing your brain chemistry and supporting you energetically?    

If you answered yes, I encourage you to get my book here: 

Check out the CERTIFICATION training that is a companion to this book, here:

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