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"Unearth the Gifts in Nature's Pharmacy that Serve
to Nourish Your Brain & Elevate Your Mental Health"



"Health and happiness is our birthright. That's why it's so disheartening to know that mental and emotional health issues are on the rise all over the world. Although many people rely on drugs to deal with their discomfort, they are often ineffective for addressing the root of the problem, and they can present unwanted side-effects and lead to addictions. Mother Nature’s pharmacy offers some of the safest drug-free remedies we can turn to for help when we are suffering. And when we do, we find many gifts that support us in nurturing a healthy and loving relationship with ourselves and the natural world.” -Candia Lea Cole     

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Introducing My Book:
"Nourish Your Mental & Emotional Well-Being the Eco-Intelligent Way!    


Do You Feel That It’s Time to Start Feeling Better?     

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* Would you appreciate the opportunity to learn about a number of different mental and emotional health challenges (and their causes) in the same book? 


* Are you ready to learn about the kinds of toxins that industries must stop producing (and that we must stop consuming) if we are to lower the burden of toxicity in our bodies and the Earth that are causing us to feel sick and mentally unbalanced?   


*Are you willing to ponder the importance of re-growing your broken bonds with nature, that have allowed you and all people in living the modern world, to disconnect from nature’s age-old health wisdom?  

* Do you want to gain awareness about the ways in which undiagnosed, underlying viruses and bacteria in your body, such as Epstein Barr, Measles, Lyme's, and others, can impact your mental health adversely?


*Do you want to learn about how you can safely remove microbial infestations in your body that may be zapping your energy and causing you to feel physically and mentally fatigued?


* Do you want to understand how mold toxicity (which is present within most homes) and radiation toxicity (which is also present, in the form of Wi-Fi radiation and dirty electricity) threaten to erode your physical and mental health?

* Are you curious about the kinds of toxic, adulterated, un-whole foods that it's important for you to avoid, if you don’t want to experience mental health issues that originate from an inflamed brain and gut? 

* Would you like to learn about the kinds of whole, natural, colorful, disease-fighting foods that you can use, to detoxify each and every organ within your body, including your brain?   


​* Do you want to explore how you can use nature’s "super foods", as well as nature's medicinal herbs and spices, to nourish your physical and mental immunity?   

* Would you like to explore the kind of nutritional supplements (including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and medicinal herbs) that can support you in balancing your brain chemistry, so you can avoid using drugs, or consider gradually weaning yourself off of them?) 

Listen in on My Stories...
Find Valuable Insights and Emotional Support!     

My Personal Story 

If you're dealing with a mental, emotional, and/or neurological health challenge (or you know someone else who is…) I empathize with you! I've dealt with these types of issues myself, and so have my family members. (Think mood disorders, Asperger’s syndrome, OCD, anxiety, depression, neurological impairment, and more…) In my book, I share my personal story with you, a story that chronicles my life-long journey with environmental illness, and offers you insights about how a toxin that I was exposed to in my mother’s womb impacted my physical and mental health, and gave me a less than robust start in life. I will teach you what I learned on my self-healing journey about how industrially produced foods, personal care products, and lifestyle products harm our human health, and why it’s essential to adopt a clean, green lifestyle if we want to be healthy. I will also offer you many insights about how I’ve used whole foods as a form of medicine, to heal my body and brain as a whole.        

My Parenting Story

I offer you deep insights about how (I believe) my unborn child’s emotional health was impacted by my less than ideal relationship with my partner during my pregnancy. I will tell you about the medical toxin that I was exposed to during the last months of my pregnancy, and how I believe it impacted my son's health. I will also tell you about the life threatening infection he son suffered as a young boy, which predisposed him to developing OCD. OCD is a medical condition in which the brain and gut become inflamed, and cause obsessive compulsive behaviors. You’ll learn about the kinds of foods and supplements that I have recommended he eat, as well as the lifestyle habits that I have recommended he adopt.    

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