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“This cookbook author treats food as a gift from nature!”- Kitchen Window Column, Star Tribune Newspaper 

 “Candia Lea Cole has created a body of culinary work that is truly original, with new techniques and combinations that just happen to accord with some of the newest health findings. Her smoothies, made with fruits, nuts, seeds, pseudo-grains, and vegetables are dairy-free and feature organic ingredients. The comparison with commercial powdered diet liquids, containing such ingredients as dried eggs and milk solids, soy, etc. is startling. Cole’s smoothies are thick, substantial, delicious, and so original, you won’t find anything like them in any other book. She uses both fresh and dried fruit, re-hydrating the latter, so they are transformed into “a plump and juicy food that offers creamy texture to recipes as well as delightful flavor and energy giving values.” Grace Kirschenbaum, Editor of World of Cookbooks/ The International Cookbook Newsletter

“I’m a foodie and I love this author’s work with food! Candia treats food making as an art project, a meditation exercise, and a health enhancement discipline.” –David Bonello, Editor, Wellness Directory of Minnesota

“I’ve been enjoying Candia Lea’s delicious dairy-free recipes for decades! In fact, she wrote the original smoothie book, and many other people have since tried to imitate her recipes. I use the recipes in her book to detoxify my body, maintain a healthy weight, and elevate my spirit with color therapy! N. Grayson  

"I didn’t know that a smoothie could be made with veggies (like squash and pumpkin) as well as fruits, and served as a four-season drink! The recipes are very tasty!” Bob Lafayette, parent and grandparent     

"I am NOT a health freak, by any stretch of the imagination, however, my lady friend and I came across this book and have been trying its different "SMOOTHIES", as they are called. Great summer drinks that we will also enjoy all YEAR AROUND! One of our favorites is the PINEAPPLE AVOCADO PARADISE drink. So easy to make...This book should be kept next to your blender! Great treats for your company/neighborhood BBQ's...TRY IT!" - Amazon reader

"The chapters in Candia’s smoothie book divide her 90-plus smoothies into ‘Earth tones’ of the rainbow, inviting us to be aware of the ‘energetic vibration’ present in her drinks. For instance, green for balance, red for energy, and orange for inspiration. Providing much useful information about the health values in her ingredients, some of which may be new to you, and written in a style bubbling over with enthusiasm, these smoothies provide satisfying taste and good health, and many take only minutes to make. You’ll enjoy Creamy Butterscotch Yam, reminiscent of butterscotch pudding, and scrumptious, drinkable, and rich in vitamin A.  You’ll also enjoy Figgy Cranapple Nut, chock-full of vibrant flavor and fiber. The Kiwi Cocktail is so fruity, most people would never guess it’s a health drink!”- Grace Kirschenbaum, Editor of World of Cookbooks and The International Cookbook Newsletter

"After seeing Candia demo her smoothies that feature quinoa and amaranth, I couldn't wait to make them on my own. They taste so yummy during the fall and winter months when served warmed up!" M. Ericksen, Health-conscious mom      


"I really liked this book! This was more than just a juicer/smoothie cookbook with recipes, but an informative guide on the ingredients needed for healthy living. The smoothies were delicious too!" - Amazon reader

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