Amazing "Done for You" Self-Help Tools

"Pick and Choose the Ones that Best Resonate with Your Needs!"  

120 Tabletop TUTORS™ Info-graphics 


These colorful, text-rich info-graphics (which offer to double as dining table placemats or tattoos for your refrigerator door, give you an easy and memorable way to learn about and teach those whose health you care about, the value and necessity of creating a clean, green lifestyle.   

Candia's Tabletop TUTORS address important health issues, both personal and planetary. And do we ever need them! Our regulatory agencies, we must remember, are run by leaders from the industries they are supposed to regulate, so they are not able to act without bias to protect the health of our families. We need independent scientific organizations, and independent leaders and thinkers like Candia, to shift the educational paradigm!” -- Angela Tsiang, Parent, Homeschool Educator, Wireless Educator, Chemical and Bioengineer  


Tabletop TUTORS™ Sample Topics   

* Parent Support (Understand what autism is and isn’t, develop a holistic view of it., find experts to help you, do a self-care inventory, explore the faces of autism, explore the hidden gifts in it, discover the connection between the autistic brain and the brain of one of nature’s most intelligent mammals.)  

*Environmental triggers that contribute to autism (Explore dirty genes, environmental toxins, vaccines, heavy metals, bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitical infections, gut dysbiosis, and more).

* Environmental Medicine (Understand the ways in which functional medicine doctors are treating complex health problems, explore a time tested vaccine alternative, learn about managing anxiety with CBD).   

* Clean up your family’s lifestyle (Create clean air and water, limit EMF and cell phone radiation, learn about the difference between clean and toxic personal care products and lifestyle products, practice nature centric activities that nurture health and lighten your ecological footprint).   


* Understand the impact of food additives on your child’s health (Explore fake sweeteners, fake fats, fake colors, anti-nutrients, salicylates, phenols, opioids, oxalates, and glutamates).

* What foods to eliminate from your child’s diet (Understand why to omit sugar, dairy, processed oils. soy, wheat,. gluten, GMO’s and glyphosate).  

* Eco-Intelligent Eating Model + Food Groups (Learn about nature’s traditional whole foods and their healing benefits).  

* Custom Diets: (Explore paleo and vegetarian diets, know the value of seasonal eating, understand the underlying needs of picky eaters).  


* Eco-Friendly Kitchen (Create a sacred kitchen, use non-toxic cookware, empower yourself in the kitchen, and create therapeutic meals).    

4-Part Podcast:
Healing OCD The Eco-Intelligent Way - A Mother & Son’s Learning Journey


In my 1.5 hour podcast (segmented) in parts, you're invited to "listen in" on an intimate conversation between me and my son, as we trace the manifestation of his OCD symptoms. Discover how we've been using whole foods, nutritional supplements, and traditional drug-less remedies to support his wellness. Is OCD curable? Some doctors of traditional medicine say they have a cure. I'll tell you about a doctor that may be able to help your child. This podcast is also suitable for those who are dealing with ADD, anxiety, and learning challenges, etc.    

15 Learning Supplements (To Support Podcast Teachings)  

These learning aids underscore many of the ideas that my son and I spoke about in the podcast. Some of the contributions (written by doctors and researchers) will deepen your understanding about the kinds of things that have the potential to impact your child's neurological health adversely, and prepare you to be more proactive in determining your child's course of treatment. A sampling of the reports that I've included are:  

* Screening for Neurological Conditions

* Vaccine Checklist (Bring to Your Doctor's Office)  

* Eco-Health Quiz: Identifying the Toxins that Are Robbing Your Health Blind

* Special Report: The Dangers of Glyphosate

* Booklet: 10 Ways to Make Organic Food Affordable!

Plus more! 

200+ Autism Friendly, Family Friendly Recipes (Graphic & Video Formats)   
* Use my recipes to get healthy and stay healthy while meeting the demands of raising a special needs child, teen, or young adult. 
* Learn how to turn the act of cooking into an effort of your soul. Cooking is the most important life-long survival skills we can offer our kids!  
Be a role model for your child in the kitchen, because many youth on the spectrum will follow your lead and find cooking to be an enjoyable, confidence building activity. 

* Rainbow fruit & vegetable smoothies

* Creamy, smooth sipping nut milks

* Wheat free cereals and pancakes 

* Wheat free muffins (savory & sweet)  

* No-bake nuts, seed and fruit confections 

* No-bake energy bars 

* Nut & seed cheeses & yogurt

* Sprouts

* Wheat free bread

* Fruit salads

* Gluten free grain & salad bowls 

* Wheat free pizza & pastas

* Simple soups

* Veggie burgers & sloppy Joe's 

* WF GF breads & sandwiches 

* Sweet and savory snacks

* Sodas & Popcorn  

* Puddings, pies, & frosty creams

* Wheat free brownies & cookies


Your Graduation Certificate 


This course includes a beautiful certificate that spells out the empowering journey of an Eco-Intelligent Autism Mentor. Suitable for framing! 

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