Over 300 Self-Help Tools Are Waiting For You! 

"Pick and Choose the Ones that Best Resonate with Your Needs!"  

65 Tabletop TUTORS™ Info-graphics 


These colorful, text-rich info-graphics (which offer to double as dining table place mats) give you an easy and effective way to learn about and teach others about the value and necessity of creating a clean, green lifestyle.   

Tabletop TUTORS™ Topics   

  • Explore what autism Is and Isn't (a holistic view vs. labels)

  • Parenting autism (helping others to understand the challenges)    

  • Explore the role of toxins, heavy metals and gene deficiencies in creating brain imbalances.   

  • Health Essentials (clean water and air, nature therapy, etc.)

  • Explore the gut-brain connection ( gut dysbiosis, candidia, etc.)

  • Meet the Eco-Intelligent Eating Model (farm and eat to nourish the body and sustain the Earth)   

  • How to create a clean, green kitchen 

  • Why to avoid sugar and fake sweeteners (eat nature's sugar substitutes) 

  • Why to avoid dairy & soy (learn to prep dairy-less milks & mock cheeses.)

  • Why to avoid wheat and gluten (Learn to make savory and sweet sandwiches & snacks.)

  • Explore Food Sensitivities (fake food colors, excitotoxins, Lectins, oxalates, salicylates, and phenols). 

  • Explore Special Needs Diets 

  • Nourish the Endocannabinoid System with CBD 

  • And More!         

4-Part Podcast and Book:
Healing OCD The Eco-Intelligent Way - A Mother & Son’s Learning Journey


In my podcast and book, you're invited to "listen in" on an intimate conversation between me and my son, as we trace the manifestation of his OCD symptoms. Discover how we've been using whole foods, nutritional supplements, and traditional drug-less remedies to support his wellness. Is OCD curable? Some doctors of traditional medicine say they have a cure.    

15 Learning Supplements (To Support Podcast Teachings)  

These learning aids underscore many of the ideas that my son and I spoke about in the podcast. Some of the contributions (written by doctors and researchers) will deepen your understanding about the kinds of things that have the potential to impact your child's neurological health adversely, and prepare you to be more proactive in determining your child's course of treatment. A sampling of the reports that I've included are:  

* Screening for Neurological Conditions

* Vaccine Checklist (Hold your doctor accountable!) 

* Eco-Health Quiz: Identifying the Toxins that Are Robbing Your Health Blind

* Special Report: The Dangers of Glyphosate

* Booklet: 10 Ways to Make Organic Food Affordable!

* Food for Thought: Are You A Supportive Parent (vs. a 'Helicopter Parent')?   

Plus more! 

Food Making Videos + Print Recipes (Use Food as Medicine!)   

Kids with autism spectrum conditions often deal with food restrictions as well as unusual food preferences and sensory issues. If this is your child, I encourage you to “be strong.” What your child needs more than anything is high-vibrational foods that nourish and heal their brain and gut.  You, too, have a higher need for nutrients when you're under stress. For this reason, I've included a variety of recipes (think smoothies, nut milks, no-bake snacks, and main dishes) that will keep you feeling balanced. Did you know that many kids on the spectrum feel more expressive and happy when they're  cooking? BONUS: Learn about dietary experts who specialize in bio-individual nutrition counseling.       

Environmental Wellness (Invite Calm & Protection)    

​​Do you want to help your child develop greater self-esteem and purpose? In this part of the training, you’ll find color therapy tools and Feng-Shui tools to assist you in creating a healthy bedroom for your child, -a place that invites peace, reflection, and creativity. A “protection meditation” (contributed by a master energy healer) offers to support your child’s in feeling safe in a world that often doesn’t feel that way! If the quality of air in your home does not support your child’s well-being, or if the quality of your drinking water isn’t up to snuff, you will have the opportunity to learn about devices that can help you to “clean up” these life-giving essentials!   

Behavioral Support (From a Top Expert) 
Do you believe that there’s no such thing as a bad children, ---only children whose needs aren’t adequately understood or met? The most basic needs that all young people have is the need for structure and security.
This part of the training features a helpful assortment of “parenting checklists” (provided by a colleague of mine who is a parenting expert) that will support you in reducing your child’s anxiety and stress. Learn how you can minimize your child's screen time, help them to become bully proof, and make a smooth transition from school to summer.
Have you ever wondered if clothing could make your child feel better, or have you ever exposed them to a brain balancing exercise or technology? Have you ever wondered if medical cannabis could be a good form of medicine for your child? Here, you'll find information about these drug -free self- care options. 
Sound Therapy (Nourish Peace in Yourself & Your Child)      

This part of the training features 8 beautiful sound/music videos that were created by an international sound composer. The sounds (accompanied by soul-elevating images) are designed to guide you and your child in reconnecting with "Source" (God/universal spirit) energy. In essence, the sounds are deeply relaxing and they offer to assist you and your child in revisiting your "spiritual home"—the dimension which exists beyond our dense, 3-D reality, and which supports you in releasing your emotional burdens and reconnecting  with your inner light and divinity.   

Social Support (Blogs & Activism)  
Are you seeking community support from others who are exploring the path that leads to mental health awareness? Are you looking for a humanitarian project to be affiliated with or to support through volunteering? Here, you’ll find stories (written by moms and high functioning young adults) that are experiencing the autism journey firsthand. Learn how they are finding love and humor in their situations, and teaching the world how to deal with their differences. Discover the efforts being made within the global community to support, honor, heal, and celebrate people (who live) on the autism spectrum, and on the perimeters of it! 

Your Graduation Certificate 


This course includes a beautiful certificate that spells out the journey of an Eco-Intelligent Autism Mentor. Suitable for framing! 

More Praise for the Training: https://www.ecointelligenteating.com/product-page/next-eco-intelligent-autism-mentor-training-this-training-featuring-over-315

"Parents, caregivers, and educators, will gain bold new insights from Candia's tools about what Autism "is" or "isn't" and discover how they can rise to the challenges it presents, while embracing the gifts that lie hidden within it. I encourage anyone who loves children, and cares about their future well-being, to participate in this training. The dear souls that are struggling with physical and mental health issues are really just asking the rest of us to re-connect with (what Candia calls) our “eco-intelligence.” And, now they can, with Candia’s beautiful training tools!" — Martii Gudim, Sound Healing Practitioner and founder of Divinely Directed  

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