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What’s an “Eco-Mentor”, you might be wondering, and what are Tabletop TUTORS™?


* An Eco-Mentor is a person who is concerned about the health challenges that are impacting people and the planet today, and who wants to use their awareness about these challenges to create a cleaner, greener experience of life for themselves, others, and all living things. 

* Tabletop TUTORS™, which offer to be every Eco-Mentor’s “best friend” in their mission to create this new experience of life, represent a beautiful collection of colorful, text-rich info-graphics that make it easy and fun to learn about (and teach others about) the importance of healthy, non-toxic, sustainable living!


This course includes 20 categories of topics, with a wide variety of subtopics featured within each category. (See some sample topics below in the listing.) The graphics offer to be a stellar alternative to full length books, --they offer just “the right amount” of information to invite curiosity and quell boredom.   


A short audio introduction is included with each category, to whet your appetite for learning about the topics featured within each category.


Eco-quizzes accompany each info-graphic, providing you with a fun way test your knowledge of the topic you’ve studied, and apply it to your life in a personally meaningful way.

You will also get my Eco-Health Quiz, "Are Toxins Robbing Your Health Blind", which gives you a way to identify multiple sources of toxins in your home and workplace, so you can RATE your toxic body-burden!   

Are you READY to be an Eco-Mentor?!  This toolkit is ideal for: Home school educators, green college students, health and sustainability advocates, autism educators and caregivers, chiropractors, and functional medicine doctors!    


Sample of Info-Graphic Categories and Related Topics  

   *  Eco-Intelligent Lifestyle (Reduce eco-footprint, avoid toxic news, nature therapy) 

   * Non GMO farming and organic farming

  • Seed saving and composting

  • Bee preservation and permaculture

  • Eco-friendly cookware and kitchen

  • Cooking with soul/ Culinary Empowerment

  • Creating Therapeutic Meals & Eating with the Seasons 

  • Vegetarian and paleo diet awareness

  • Chinese 5 Element Nutrition Therapy

  • Autism awareness (Parenting, ADHD, OCD, Diet, Lifestyle)

  • Cell phone dangers, dirty electricity

  • Gut-Brain Connection (Candida, Leaky Gut)   

  • Allergy-free recipes (Soy, dairy, and wheat free)

  • Male & female hormone health

  • Eco-Conscious Parenting (Eat for fertility, nourish unborn)  

  • Why to hydrate for health, why to eat salt

  • Wholesome fats vs. toxic fats  

  • Eco-friendly sweeteners vs. toxic sweeteners

  • Food and mood-exploring the connection

  • Whole foods recipes from Candia's Kitchen

  • Non-toxic beauty and personal care

  • Eco-friendly laundry and clothing choices

  • Drug-less, Holistic Health Care 

How to Use- - The info-graphics can be downloaded, printed, and placed into plastic sleeves for insertion into a “show and tell” notebook. Or, you can simply print them for use as educational handouts in any educational setting, such as a home school. When laminated and used as dining table place mats, they make great “eco-intelligent” conversation starters! You can also enlarge the graphics (and prop them on an easel) for use at any educational event.    

"Candia's  Tabletop TUTORS collection totally reflects her passion for holistic, sustainable lifestyles. There’s something for everyone in this collection, who is dedicated to healthy eating and green living." — Hanna Meiners, Sustainability Advocate  

"Tabletop TUTORS offer brilliant guidance for eco-friendly living that will educate and inspire the inhabitants of every household, home school, day care center, natural health care clinic, and online learning platform, as well as the customers of natural foods stores, and cafes!" — Anne Michelsen, Sustainability Writer

Note: Wellness practitioners, organizations, health spas, and fitness centers are invited to license the use of this product for distribution to their patients, patrons, and large communities. Or, you can become an affiliate re-seller. As a re-seller, I provide you with marketing copy for your website, along with a buying link. If someone clicks the link on your website to buy the product, you get paid. I offer a generous commission.  If you're interested in this option, please contact me at:   

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