(Plus a variety of fun & engaging teaching resources that support you in learning about and teaching others about why & how to eat the eco-intelligent way!)  

"Industrial food production depletes natural resources and harm the ecological health and well-being of living things. It also produces food for humans that's tainted with pesticides, drugs, hormones, and food additives. If you're ready to be part of the solution to this problem, I know you're going to enjoy this package, which supports you in creating a more healthy and sustainable way of farming and eating!"  -Candia Lea Cole

Eco-Bites Food Treasure Hunt Game© offers to be a fun and engaging activity for individuals, families, and groups. No, it's not an app, but who cares?! Once in a while, it's fun to interact with a hands-on activity! 


The game provides you with two game questionnaires. The first questionnaire is a Search Mission. You read clues about foods whose industrial production is harmful to the living ecology of your body and the Earth, and you match them to pictures of foods that identify them. The second questionnaire is a Rescue Mission. You read clues about foods whose organic production is healthy and restorative to the living ecology of your body and the Earth, and you match them to pictures of foods that identify them.

What The Game Includes:

1) The Eco-Bites Booklet 

2) 2 Search/ Rescue Game Clue


3) 2 Food I.D. picture sheets

4) 2 Answer Sheets

The Eco-Bites Booklet Features:


* Introduction to the Eco-Bites Game and Playing Premise

* Exploring the Power of Our Food Choices

* How Industrial Farming and Food Production Hurts the Living Ecology of People and the Planet

* Eating "Whole" Is An Idea, Whose Time Has Come!

* Who Supports The Decision to Eat Organic Food?

* Eight Tips for Eating in an Eco-Friendly Way

* Recommended Reading List

PLUS: 14 Tabletop TUTORS Info-graphics (An easy and fun way to learn about & teach others about, organic farming and the origins of whole foods!)   

This Eco-Bites Game Activity Package includes the Bonus Book: "Tasting Life the Vegetarian Way!"

This book, featuring many different voices from the grassroots vegetarian community, offers to be a fabulous Resource Guide for parents, educators, and independent learners that have a desire to bring "vegetarian lifestyle awareness" to their homes, schools, or communities, through educational events and celebrations. 

Highlights from the Vegetarian Resource Guide Book:

* The Rich History of Vegetarian Food Ways

* Making an Acquaintance with the Vegetarian Diet Pyramid

* Transition to Vegetarian Eating in 3 Easy Steps

* What Is A Vegan?

* Inviting Schools, Organizations, and Churches to Learn about Vegetarianism (Includes Correspondence Letters)  

* Planning and Hosting A “Vegetarian Awareness Day” Celebration (Including Done for You Speaking Scripts!)     

*Where to Buy Bulk Vegetarian Foods for Your Event  (Preparing Quantity Recipes)

* Vegetarian Resources (Books, Videos, Games, Posters and More!)



* Vegetarian Perspectives Report (Learn about the Original 12 Food Groups and the political influences hat narrowed the groups down, in order to support big agricultural conglomerates.)  

* 4 Infographics (These highlight ecological benefits of vegetarianism, and offer several meat-free, dairy- free recipes.) 

* Vegetarian Awareness Video (Features Candia talking with young school kids about Vegetarian Diets)   

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