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In my world, we call people like Candia a paradigm shifter because they allow you to see otherwise familiar things in an absolutely new light. I believe the wisdom in Candia's books and training apply to every family with children of any age with any kind of developmental pattern.  - William G. Spady, author and world leader in future-focused education   

Candia Lea Cole is a trailblazer who encourages parents and mentors to see beyond the typical treatments, therapies, and interventions. She offers a great perspective on seeing children with Autism as ‘more than’ rather than less than.” Her 4-Part courseincluding her book, videos, infographics, and more…) inspires some very thought-provoking questions about Autism and what the rise in prevalence means. “Is autism calling us to live closer to nature – to reconnect?” Her book’s message triggers a great wake-up call to readers about what we are doing to ourselves, our children, our environment, and our planet!) Her courseware materials present a fresh new “ecologically minded perspective on the possibilities for dealing with Autism – encouraging actions that guide parents of children with Autism to use natural foods, explore alternative therapies, and much more, to better connect the body and mind (with nature) so they are more in sync. - Connie Hammer, Parent, MSW & PCI Certified Parent Coach ® and founder of Progressive Parent, LLC.

 The information Candia has put together for her Mentoring Special Needs Youth is incredibly important and timely not only as an educational reference but for those who desire a clearer understanding of the Autism Spectrum. In this material, you will find answers, creative self-help tools, and perhaps even a new insight into what Autism "is" or "isn't!" I highly encourage you to digest and share this information with family and friends to gain awareness of the autistic mind. From my own heart, I ask each of you to open to greater love, understanding, and appreciation for these dear souls. Thank you, Candia Lea, for creating this beautiful “eco-intelligent” course material to share with the world. - Martin Gudim, Sound Healing Practitioner, and founder of Divinely Directed 



Candia Lea Cole’s book, Eco-Intelligent Remedies for Autism Spectrum that Think Outside the Box is the most comprehensive collection of remedies and therapies I've seen to date, that offers to bring acceptance, wisdom, and healing possibilities to those diagnosed with ASD, as well as the related conditions that affect them and their families, such as anxiety and depression. In her Eco-Intelligent Autism Lifestyle Mentor Training course, Candia has done an excellent job of bringing to our awareness (and explaining) the wide variety of solutions that are available to us in fields ranging from nutrition to alternative healing practices that play a vital role in nurturing body-mind-spirit wellness. - Jeanette Castelli, M.S. Mental Health Counselor 

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