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 Candia, after viewing your OCD videos, I cried a little bit, knowing that I found some of my solutions. Now my goal is to limit my computer life, and go out outside more, and eat healthier natural foods, and maybe even find a support group in which I can totally be myself. I didn’t really know much about OCD before I took your course, but your message made me realize some things about myself. Anyways, thank you so much for this opportunity to learn from you! - Nancy M. 

I do not have OCD, but I had a great time reading this transcript about it! It is informative as well as eye-opening. The amount of research, dedication, and time that Candia Lea Cole has put into this is laudable. I no longer view food the same way, and I'm going to be analyzing the foods I eat more often, so that I can avoid getting the symptoms of brain and gut inflammation that Candia says contribute to neurological issues. - Z. Dash

I’ve known Candia Lea Cole as a partner, a visionary, and a mom, for decades. As a partner, she symbolizes to me an angel in human form. As a visionary, she is a person who is never at a loss for creative ideas and inspirations that support people in being healthy and reclaiming their birthright. As a mom, she is a true and loving mentor, --not only her own son, but to all the young people that I’ve seen her interact with. Because 

Candia has dealt with the symptoms of environmental illness throughout the course of her life (which she believes OCD is an expression of) she has a good understanding about the “toxic triggers” that put people at risk for developing the condition. She also understands the emotional challenges that go along with finding remedies for complex illnesses, and she brings compassion to those who suffer. Candia understands that, even though OCD is regarded by world health experts as one of the most debilitating health conditions there is, this doesn’t mean that there’s no hope for healing it. As she implies in this book, healing is not about “getting rid of” symptoms, ---it’s about finding a process for living well that nurtures a healthy relationship with one’s body, mind, heart, and soul, as well as the earth and all living things. Healing is what this book invites ALL of us to do, --not just those alone, who are affected by OCD. If we adopt even half of the ideas for living well that this book offers (which Candia says are rooted in our innate “eco-intelligence”), I believe we can change the course of history and do away with much of the suffering that is present in our world today. - T. Suttle, parent, and eco-friendly lifestyle advocate 

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