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Become aware of  how your beliefs, lifestyle choices, and everyday actions in the world can hurt or heal your health and the planet's health.


Are you aware of how your lifestyle choices, food choices, and health care choices (created by industrial production systems) have been hurting the health of your body, the Earth, and all living things? If not, it's time to get acquainted with the toxic, outdated lifestyle paradigms that have led to eco-disintegration within your body and the Earth, and explore new systems that are designed to foster their eco-integration. Do you want to get a handle on how your social conditioning has led you to cater to the wants of your idealized self and contribute to "Affluenza" in our culture at large? Would you like to create more simple abundance in your life, and envision a new dream for yourself and the planet that honors and celebrates your authentic needs?      


Live with awareness of the painful realities that are impacting people and the planet due to our unconscious ways of living. 


Examine the size of your individual and collective ecological footprint. 


Define the meaning of “eco” and discover how Earth’s health is meant to be maintained through the exchange of positive energy between humans and the living things. 


Explore the difference between tackling a list of “green things” to do and being eco-conscious. 


Become aware of how the industrial systems that produce the lifestyle products we use, the foods we eat, and the health care we utilize are hurting our personal and planetary health. 


Explore how organic systems are designed to work with nature to restore and heal our personal and planetary health. 


Think about how people and the planet can benefit from having more female leaders in corporate roles. 


Explore the difference between your ego’s wants and your soul’s authentic needs. 


Discover the importance of creating a lifestyle that reflects your authentic needs rather than the interests of your idealized self. 


Learn how being vulnerable in the eyes of others equates to being strong and how it leads us to make smarter, more compassionate lifestyle choices. 


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