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Put what's clean and green into your lifestyle; discover the foundational elements that serve to “keep life alive” within your human/earth ecology system.  


Are you aware that there is not a person or living thing that isn't affected in one way or another by the condition known as environmental illness? Did you know that you can't be healthy if the Earth itself is ailing? In this course module you will learn about the symptoms of environmental illness in your body and the Earth, including the multiple sources of toxins that trigger it.  You will gain insights about your biology and learn how it mirrors the function of the Earth's biology.  You will also discover the foundational elements that are needed to “keep life alive” within your human/Earth ecology system and support the healthy function of interdependence and wholeness.  In this process, you will also consider the ways that you can be a more eco-conscious consumer, by supporting the organic, regenerative farming movement, and choosing foods and lifestyle goods whose production is non-toxic. You hold the keys to detoxifying and regenerating your health and the Earth's!  


Live with awareness about what sustainability means. 


Explore the different kinds of energy that are needed to “keep life alive” within our bodies and the Earth. 


Look at the environmental toxins that are robbing our health blind. 


Define what toxins are, and where they originate from in the environment, and how they contribute to multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome. 


Identify toxins in the personal care products and lifestyle products you use to maintain your lifestyle. 


Learn why the government and other regulatory agencies are not protecting us from exposure to toxins.


Develop awareness about the different kinds of health issues that exposure to toxic chemicals is known to cause, such as hormonal imbalances, reproductive problems, and multiple chemical sensitivities.       


Support enlightened capitalism, which is a way of doing business that is designed to support the health of people and the planet. 


Learn about how organic agriculture supports the health of the Earth’s microbiome. Understand how soil organisms support the health of our human microbiomes and heal gut health issues.               


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