In My 'Super Smoothies' Cookbook Package (Delivered to Your Computer), You Get:


  • My 'Super Smoothies' cookbook in PDF format. (Features include: Light & Clean Smoothie Cuisine, The Power of Plant Foods, Tasting the Essence of Energy, Ingredients, Fortifiers, Liquids, Recipe Rainbow, and The Spirit of Fitness.) 

  • Click to Watch: My 'Cookbook Chat' Video. I speak from my backyard, about the chapters featured in my recipe book, and highlight some of my favorite unique recipes.

  • My 'Deep Dish' Self-Interview/Booklet. I talk about the combos of whole foods ingredients I use to create creamy dairy-free delights, -ones that use the power of color and sunlight to detoxify and regenerate the body.   

  • Click to Watch: 'Candia's Kitchen'/Cooking Videos. I demonstrate over a dozen four-season fruit and vegetable based recipes, some of which can be considered breakfasts, and others - drinkable lunches, snacks and dessert treats.  

  • 8 poster/placemats from My Tabletop TUTORS™ collection. These include:

  1. Do You Know Where the Fruits and Veggies You Eat, Come From?

  2. Hydrate for Health; Harmonize with the Environment

  3. Creating a Therapeutic Meal with Color Rays that Heal!

  4. Savoring Nature's Liquid Sweeteners

  5. I’m a Health Loving, Eco-Conscious Vegetarian

  6. Eat Your Way To A Better Mood

  7. Why Can't I Eat Dairy

  8. Use Your Meals to Heal with Culinary Spices.


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