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Here's what you'll get in this course:  


  • My 'Super Smoothies' cookbook in PDF format. 

  • My 'Cookbook Chat' Video. (Click link in doc, to watch.) I speak from my backyard, about my recipe book, including Light & Clean Smoothie Cuisine, The Power of Plant Foods, Tasting the Essence of Energy, Ingredients, Fortifiers, Liquids, Recipe Rainbow, and The Spirit of Fitness. I also mention some of my favorite recipes.

  • My 'Deep Dish' Self-Interview/Booklet. I talk about how I create creamy textured, non-daity drinks from whole food ingredients, and share how theire colors and nutrients cleanse and build the body.   

  • Candia's Kitchen/Cooking Videos. (Click link in Doc, to watch.) I demonstrate over 12 four-season fruit and vegetable based recipes, which can be eaten for breakfasts, snacks, and desserts.   

  • 10 Colorful, Text-Rich Tabletop TUTORS™ Infographics  


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