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(15-hour Course; Level One) $149.00

This course features my Eco-Mentor Guidebook "Nourish Your Eco-Intelligence -Become the Eco-Mentor You Were Born to Be!" + My Memoir: "Born to Live Green" in audio and PDF download formats + Learner Assessments (Personalize what you learn) + a beautiful graduation certificate.


Planning the Ed. Meal

Explore what eco-intelligence is and why it’s important to reawaken yours. Discover the reasons why every home and community is in need of an Eco-Mentor. Identify the desires, qualities, and aspirations that an Eco-Mentor possesses.


Choosing the Ingredients

Learn what environmental illness is, and what triggers it. (You are not immune!) Discover how my experience with environmental illness, as well as my experience as whole foods cook, and event caterer, prepared me to create the 21st-century Eco-Lifestyle Education paradigm and curriculum. Learn about the six ingredients of eco-intelligent living.


Setting the Table

Discover why to foster home-based learning experiences that stand behind “principle-based” education. Learn about why schools aren’t nourishing the eco-intelligence of today’s youth. Get in touch with the drawbacks of technology, educational software, and wireless tech in the classroom.


Whet your appetite for learning, with an understanding of how a modern-day “rite of passage” offers to support your family’s growth and transformation.


Read (Listen to) My Memoir "Born to Live Green"


  • In my footsteps on the path of self-learning, self-healing, and mentoring and become an Eco-Mentor Apprentice. Discover how our social conditioning distracts us from our authentic human needs, including our need to connect with ourselves, each other, the Earth, and all living things. Be inspired to create a cleaner, greener, more holistically nourishing lifestyle that is rooted in the six "ingredients" of eco-intelligent living. Learn about the role of detoxification and whole foods nutrition in healing illness. Unearth new, natural medicines that play a vital role in healing environmental illness. Consider the ways that leadership development is rooted in our human struggle for enlightenment. Ponder how you can use your own personal healing journey as a catalyst for planetary healing. Explore my invitation to become an Eco-Mentor Activist.




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