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(Teaching Infographics & Educational Table Placemats)   

“Tabletop TUTORS offer brilliant guidance for eco-friendly living that will educate and inspire the inhabitants of every household, home school, and daycare center, as well as the customers of natural foods stores, cafes, and natural health care clinics! - Anne Michelsen, Sustainability Writer

“Candia, the language that you feature on the posters has just the right appeal, to inspire awareness about organic farming and eco-intelligent eating habits. Love these!” - Rose Welsch, Organic Consumer’s Association Co-Founder

“Tabletop TUTORS are a valuable learning tool to help parents, educators, and children explore holistic mind-body-Earth health issues. I look forward to sharing the content on my podcasts and making them available to listeners on my website.” - Jen Mendez, Founder of PERMIE KIDs, and mentor helping parents and children empower the educator within

“I share the Tabletop TUTORS with my clients to help them learn about, and remember, some of the health and dietary recommendations that I often make during my consultations!” -Jean O’Hern, Natural Health Practitioner

“Because I’m so busy, I rarely read full-length health books. It’s nice to get important health information delivered in small, easy-to-digest morsels.”- Tom Suttle, Business Owner

“I love using these as table placemats! My kids get to learn so much good stuff while they eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. These posters would be a great addition to the tables at natural food cafes!”- Melissa Johnson, parent, and health educator for parents 

“WOW! Great information on your Tabletop TUTORS posters, Candia! Schools everywhere will love these, and I can see food companies wanting to advertise their logos on the back side of the posters.” - Carston Lindskoog, Health Consultant and President of

Candia, your Tabletop TUTORS are beautiful. I can see how much knowledge, wisdom, love, and hard work went into the making of these! I’d be happy to show, and maybe even sell, some of these at my cooking classes. - Shelley Alexander, whole foods chef, cookbook author, and CEO of A Harmony Healing

“Tabletop TUTORS offer to be a great little gift for eco-conscious friends and family members. I gave them to friends over the holidays!”- Jill Rae Faulkner

“Candia, I had a couple of your “Tabletop TUTORS” poster sets sitting out on my desk. It was the pair that talked about the causes of Candida yeast overgrowth, along with the dietary suggestions for managing it. When my husband read the posters, he realized that it sounded like him and he went online to order probiotics! He said that your posters sold him on the “need to re-balance”, and he’s now looking into eating healthier food! Thanks so much for the great teaching tool. I guess he had to learn this from someone other than me!”Lynn Koll, parent, wife, Awesome Women Circle Facilitator, and advocate for personal and planetary well-being  

“This is difficult to put into words, but once a long time ago, I came to visit you, Candia, and you fixed me some soup.  It was the most delicious food I have ever eaten in my life and probably the most delicious I will ever eat in my life unless you have me over again.  Why was it the best?  Because your food was imbued with YOU, your heart, your soul, your caring ways. You didn't just serve me a bowl of soup, you nourished my body and soul.  Your graphic ‘Turning Cooking an Effort of the Soul’ reminds me of what goes into sacred soup making. Your cooking is almost impossible to describe unless someone knows you and has eaten food you have selected, prepared, and presented as a living piece of art. How lucky am I? -N. Grayson, nature enthusiast, trail angel  


“I keep the natural sweetener T-Top posters taped to the inside door of my kitchen pantry. These are super useful for determining how to substitute one type of sweetener for another in a recipe. I love that you give information about the benefit to our human ecology and our earth ecology of using nature-sourced sweeteners.”J. Mayer, whole foods baker

“Candia is a true visionary entrepreneur with great dedication and passion for a holistic, sustainable lifestyle, and her Tabletop TUTORS™ collection totally reflects this! There’s something for everyone in this collection who is dedicated to healthy eating and green living.” -Hanna Meiners, Sustainability Advocate, and Marketing Consultant  


“These posters are truly interesting, Candala! I learned some things about gluten that I didn’t know before! I am going to pass these onto the grandkids!” - Bob Lafayette

“My mom created Tabletop TUTORS™ with my health needs in mind because she wanted me to be better aware of the reasons for cutting out anti-inflammatory foods from my diet and living more eco-conscious. Hearing her talk about these issues over the years has always been helpful. But I admit that I didn’t always remember “everything” she was trying to drill into my brain, due to my preoccupation with school and work. Now, I have the benefit of owning a hands-on physical product that I can plaster on the front of my refrigerator (and rotate), so her message is rarely out of sight or out of mind. Watching my mom create the posters in her collection, one right after the other, has been amazing. And that’s great because eco-conscious living is a hot topic these days, -- as it should be!” -Bohdan Cole

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