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Nourishing the Health of Our Bodies, Sustaining the Life of Our Earth!

The Eco-Intelligent Eating Model Promotes Personal Health and Planetary Sustainability!

The Eco-Intelligent Eating Model™ offers a broad spectrum of traditional whole food choices and emphasizes eating organically raised food whenever possible. Organic is a label that defines the growing standards. One aspect of those standards is that, synthetic chemicals and GMO’s are not allowed in organic food production.

Between 75% - 85% of all non-organic processed foods on US grocery shelves contain genetically modified ingredients. In addition, major crops such as corn, soybeans and canola are genetically modified. Without food labels on produce and or packaged foods, you have very little chance of keeping potentially dangerous GMOs out of your food.

The goal associated with eating more organics is to stand up against multinational corporations responsible for privatizing seeds and for promoting chemical-dependent, industrial-scale forms of agriculture. It is to protect fisherman against aquaculture practices that bankrupt, displace, and exploit fishers. It is to protect the rights of farmers, farm workers, and other food workers.

Producing food organically and sustainably is a way to create a diverse eco-intelligent food production system around the world that will:

  • reduce the harmful environmental impact of industrial agriculture on our soil, water, and climate

  • create awareness about our food's journey from farm to plate connect farmers and communities, localizing the food system

  • promote biodiversity, ensure soil quality and conservation, and protect pollinators

  • safeguard the long term security and safety of our food supply provide good food jobs and safe working conditions

The Eco-Intelligent Eating Model ™reminds us to nourish our innate eco-intelligence, ---the intelligence (I believe) we are all born with, that guides us to make lifestyle choices which integrate our personal and planetary needs. When we respect our eco-intelligence, we choose to “farm green” and “eat clean!”

Eco-intelligent food choices include both plant and animal based foods.

Vegetarians are encouraged to explore and eat organically grown plant foods, including whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, oils, herbs, spices, natural sweeteners and eggs, organic dairy products, fruits and vegetables, as well non-dairy milks and non-meat entrees.

Carnivores are encouraged to explore and eat grass-fed, non-genetically modified animal products and sustainably farmed non-GE fish, in addition to the aforementioned dietary staples.

Eating a wide variety of fresh, whole, traditional Earth grown foods will help ensure that we get the nutrients our human ecology systems need (including water, fiber, phytonutirents, enzymes, and oxygen) to function optimally.

As an aside, The Eco-Intelligent Eating Model™ encourages us to consume green super foods such as blue green algae and spirulina, which contain micronutrients that are not found in most other foodstuffs, and which have the power to feed us on a cellular level. Pure water, this eating model recognizes, is also a necessary ingredient of good health. It is needed to digest what we eat, circulate nutritional elements in our bloodstream, and carry metabolic waste out of the body.

The Eco-Intelligent Eating Model ™ also provides a handful of helpful tips that will support you in cooking the eco-intelligent way, reducing food waste, and keeping money in your local food economy.

Stay tuned for my invitation to become a certified ‘Eco-Intelligent Eating Advocate’!

Candia Lea Cole

Founder, Eco-Learning Legacies

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