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In the podcast I’m offering to share with you today, I talk with my 16 year old nephew Logan, about the dangers of cell phone use, as well as the social drawbacks.

His dad is very frustrated and perturbed by his cell phone use and wants to take away his son’s phone, or install an app on the phone to block his talking and texting activities. His mom seeks a more lenient solution and one that won’t cause rebellion. Neither one of his parents (Logan tells me) have spoken directly to him about the actual dangers of cell phone use or the social drawbacks of using a cell phone.

Sometimes, it occurs to me, it takes an outside party to introduce new thinking to a young person we love. Parents themselves might be feeling too inflamed about an unwanted situation to deal with it effectively. (I’ve been there.) We end up judging and issuing ultimatums.

How would things be different if we asked some super relevant mind opening questions instead, and made a conscious effort to exercise unflappable patience in the questioning process?

In my own life, I make a conscious effort on a regular basis, to talk with my son about the issues that I know have the power to impact his health adversely. Sometimes my message is very well received, and other times, he might not be in the mood (or have the time) to receive it. My son once said to me: "Mom, you’re like the Suze Orman of eco-living.” (She’s the financial guru who teaches people how to manage their money more effectively.) I was a little taken aback (chuckle) when he said that to me, because, well… Suze Orman is known for being a pretty tough cookie sometimes! (I always fancied myself as the 'female version' of Mr. Roger's from Sesame Street T.V. show...who was exceedingly gentle natured!) But I realized, when I pondered his comment more deeply, that it was a recognition of something good/greater in me. Suze had a special talent for uncovering the hidden roots of people’s problems and helping them to be more accountable. Underneath her "finger waving" approach, was a big, compassionate heart that wanted nothing more than to empower people and ease their suffering.

The truth is, I adore young people. I know in my heart that I am here on this Earth to model (to them) how they can love themselves more, take better care of themselves, and learn new ways to be in a healthy relationship with the Earth.

That’s a link to the podcast:

Here’s a link to my podcast:

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