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INVITE: Come, tomorrow (May 13, from 10 am to 2 pm), to the… Edina MN. Youth Climate Summit!

WHERE: Edina High School (Held in the EPAC & Commons areas of the building)

Edina High School

6754 Valley View Road

Edina, MN 55439

WHY: The well-being of people and the planet depends on new leadership! Our youth are stepping up to become the everyday leaders we need, and we need to support them and co-lead with them!

Students and community leaders will discuss and take action on:

  • Health and economic implications of climate change

  • Making environmental change in your community

  • Making sustainability a part of your daily life

  • Renewable energy sources, healthful eating, and more

  • Career opportunities

Tickets are FREE, and you can also partake in a free lunch when you REGISTER in advance, here:

Voices of Our Youth:

The youth summit is a wonderful opportunity for the youth of our generation to become more knowledgeable and equipped to be good stewards of the Earth. I hope we are able inspire at least one person to make some change in their life no matter how big or small. Because the future of our planet depends on having empowered youth ready to take action in their lives! -Emma Hutson- 12th Grade

I believe that the youth summit is a fantastic way to unite and come together as a community to combat the climate issue. It is a perfect representation of how much youth want to work together and make a change. Everyone deserves to experience the beauty of the Earth and it is up to us, the youth and the leaders in our community to take a stand and give that opportunity to the future generation. -Johanna Kim- 11th Grade

Candia Lea Cole

Founder Eco-Learning Legacies

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