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Composting Curbs Environmental Waste

Composting is a way to turn dead leaves, plants, small twigs, and leftover food scraps into rich fertilizing dirt, instead of dumping it into your garbage and creating waste in our nation’s landfills. That’s important, when you consider the fact that 40% of our nation’s landfill content comes from raw food waste. That waste releases methane gas into the environment that is reported to be 25 times more potent that Co2!

Compost Supports The Continuation of Life!

Compost contains life in the form of worms, bacteria, and millions of micro organisms that play a vital role in the growth of new living things. Without compost, soil would suffer nutrient deficiencies, plants would not grow and thrive, and the cycle of life would not repeat itself.

Compost Is a Metaphor for Personal Growth

Just as the broken down structures of once living things aids in the growth of new living things, have you ever considered the idea that broken down aspects of yourself, can, like compost, aid in your personal growth? Throughout your life, you accumulate many experiences, both positive and negative, that could be considered the stuff that compost is made of. If you learn how to balance the ingredients in the compost pile (i.e., value ALL of your life experiences equally), it can morph into the “power dirt” that fosters your personal growth!

Compost Structures Are Like Belief Structures

Just like a compost heap, our psyches are composed of living and non-living structures or beliefs systems. These belief systems have taken root inside of our beings since our conception. It’s even possible that we have inherited certain belief structures from our ancestors, through the generational transfer to us, of their DNA. Our belief systems influence the way we grow and evolve as human beings, --some hinder us, and others support us in thriving!

Creating ‘Good Compost’, Is an Act of Conscious Caring

Are you nurturing positive, life-affirming belief systems that support your growth as a whole human being? Or, have you allowed negative beliefs about yourself and the world to overshadow the positive? It takes an act of conscious caring by gardeners to turn a rotting, stinking, wormy pile of compost into a rich, sweet smelling biomass that will grow new forms of life. Likewise, it will take an act of conscious caring by you, to turn the compost pile that is symbolized by your life experiences, into a sweet smelling mass of personal awareness.

Every Part of You, Seeks Love and Care!

You were born into a physical form, but your body is “home, sweet home,” to your mind, heart, and soul. Each of these parts of your whole being seeks to be loved and nourished throughout the course of your entire life, in order for you to grow and mature into your wonderful, unique, multi-dimensional self. There are many ways to help all the parts of your being thrive. Can you think of some?

Visualizing ‘The Garden of Life’ within You

Close your eyes and visualize a garden at each stage of its growth and development. Envision the small tasks that a gardener performs in order to make sure the needs of each seed and plant is met. Visualize the garden at its peak, and use this vision to inspire your own inner-sense of beauty and aliveness! Consider how your connection with the natural world around you supports your cosmic sense of health, happiness, and belonging!

Candia Lea Cole

Eco-Learning Legacies, LLC

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