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Tired of Giving Factory Made 'Stuff" for Christmas?

Do you sometimes feel that there’s more meaning in giving gifts that disclose something personal about you, rather than giving gifts that rolled off Santa's corporate conveyor belt? If you answered “yes”, you definitely don’t fit into the cultural majority of Christmas shoppers. But you do fit into a category of gift givers that, like me, have the desire to spread holiday cheer in a thoughtful and novel way!

What Kind of Gift-Giver Are YOU?

Did you know that, in a series of studies, researchers found that “giver-centric” gifts are preferred over “recipient-centric” gifts? If you’re wondering what a “giver centric gift” is, let me explain. A giver-centric gift is a gift you give to someone, that in some special way, communicates your personality, interests, and talents. The recipients of your giver-centric gifts, you should know, are said to feel emotionally closer to you if they receive a gift from you that either showcases your creativity or demonstrates the sacrifice you may have made, to prepare it for them. So, what does this mean? It essentially means, that if you love to bake cookies, or make fruit jam, or knit hats, or give massages, or clean houses, or babysit, or give astrology readings, or write inspirational books, or (fill in the blank…) ---by all means, offer them as the precious gifts they are, to those you care about!

Ever Give an Unwanted Gift?

Buying a gift for someone that you think they will like or need is the standard approach to gift giving. But you might agree with me, that this approach can be risky, and it can sometimes backfire on you. You might think your mom wants or needs a robotic floor cleaner for Christmas, when what she really wants is a quiet and relaxing day at the spa. You might think that your son wants or needs a new blender, when in fact, what he really wants is a gym membership. You might think you’re your daughter wants the latest cell phone or app, when what she secretly wants, is to feel a sense of importance in the world, and to contribute some form of knowledge or service.

Do the Gifts You Give or Get, Reflect Value & Status?

Christmas, I think it goes without saying, isn’t meant to be ALL about the acquisition of presents. It’s not meant to be a time in which the gifts you give underscore your value, or the gifts you receive underscore you status in the world. Christmas is meant to be about coming together with family, friends, and neighbors to celebrate traditions and rituals. It’s meant to be about increasing your capacity to GIVE love and friendship to the people you know, as well as people that you don’t know. And for those who are eco-conscious, Christmas is often a time to contemplate ways of bringing more light to the planet and giving gifts that are eco-friendly.

My ‘Giver-Centric’ Gift to You & Yours, This Holiday Season

In keeping with today’s newsletter theme, which highlights the value of being a ‘giver-centric’ gift giver, what I’d like to GIFT YOU AND YOUR FAMILY this Christmas, are four heart-inspired, hand crafted ed. trainings that give you a healthy and empowering way to ring in the New Year!

Here Are My 4 Trainings! (Ho, Ho, Ho!)

Give yourself and your loved ones the gift of wisdom, knowledge, and enlightenment this Christmas. My trainings (featuring audios, videos, posters, and books that are offered in a instant download format) are now 20% off! I’ve designed courses for holistic moms, eco-lifestyle educators, teens, college students, and life-long learners.

  • Eco-Mentoring with Tabletop TUTORS © (Teach yourself and loved ones (using my colorful and text rich set of info-graphics) how to eat the “eco-intelligent” way, practice preventative health care, and create a clean, green lifestyle!)

  • Eco-Intelligent Eating Advocate © (Teach yourself and others about a way of eating that serves to nourish your body and sustain the life of our Earth!)

  • Eco-Intelligent Autism Mentor © (Teach yourself and those you love who have autism, how to heal using a holistic, eco-conscious approach to well-being!)

  • Feminine Eco-Mentor Apprentice & Activist © (Participate in a journey of physical and spiritual healing journey, and use your journey as a catalyst for healing Mother Earth!) Available in late January; I will extend the discount!

I believe in my heart that EDUCATION is one of the most precious gifts we can give to another, and eco-lifestyle education as well as eco-leadership education is the kind of gift, that in this day and age, is not only urgently needed, but is growing in demand, ---thanks to those who’ve decided that they want to stop contributing to our personal and planetary ills, and start living, learning, and intentionally mentoring themselves and their families in the art of eco-intelligent living.

So, if you haven’t spent every last penny you’ve earned on gifts that were made by corporate machines, and if you like the idea of being the recipient of a “giver-centric gift” (or if you like the idea of giving my “giver-centric gifts” to someone whose life and health you care deeply about), be sure to check out my website store, where, this week,I will be offering a 20 percent discount on my trainings. Here's the link to my store:

To apply for and receive the discounts, please hit REPLY to this note, and let me know of your interest! I will manually mark the price down for you when you tell me that you're ready to purchase.

With love that sparkles,

Candia Lea

Candia Lea Cole

Founder, Eco-Learning Legacies

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