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What Does Being Successful Mean?

Is the measure of a successful parent a successful child? How do we as parents, measure our own success or our child's success? By popularity, awards, job status, income, looks, or personality? Every parent I know wants their kids to grow up to be healthy, well adjusted, and happy. Some of them want their kids to care, and not just about themselves. They want their kids to make a positive difference in the world.

If you're anything like me, you want to raise a healthy, socially and environmentally conscious child/adult who is prepared to live well in today's chaotic, fast changing, eco-challenged times on Earth.

So...tell me: Are you raising your child, your teenager, or your young adult child to be healthy, socially aware, and eco-conscious? If so, give yourself a big nod of approval. But if not, what single thing do you suppose you could do, to support your child in becoming successful in these areas of his or her life development? Is it enough to raise your child in a loving home?

Does Being Raised in a Loving Home, Prepare Your Child for Success In Today's World?

A loving home is the foundation for any success that our kids might experience in their lives. But in my view, there's no certainty that a child from a loving home will grow into a person who is committed to living an eco-conscious life.


* If you add in a parent who studies about issues that impact our personal and planetary health, the possibility increases

.* If you add in a parent that works actively for a health, humanitarian, social, or environmental cause, the possibility increases more.

* If you add in a parent that provides mentoring opportunities, including opportunities for a teenager or a young adult to learn about life skills that promote personal and planetary well-being, the possibility multiplies even more!

* If you add in a parent that provides opportunities for their child to provide a service to the family of the community they are part of, the possibility explodes!

* In summary, the greater the number and depth of learning experiences a child is given by their parents, the greater the possibility of living a committed eco-conscious life.

We all have our strengths and weaknesses when it comes to parenting. And it's never-ending journey of learning, growing, letting go of what doesn't work, and exploring what does. Most of the parents that I know (including myself), who want to raise eco-conscious kids have challenges in three main areas:

* They are so busy researching issues that are important to them, --that they barely have time to think about what it all means, and they get overwhelmed by "information overload."

* They get stuck when it comes to sharing or teaching what they've learned. (They feel that they can't teach what they haven't fully mentally absorbed or mastered).

* They fear that their kids won't adopt an ed. practice because they're too busy or too distracted by their social media activities to care. (This last one makes me cringe and cry...)

It's Easy to Get Overwhelmed. But We Can't Give in, or Give Up, on Our Kids!

Here are some questions to ponder, when it comes to raising healthy, empowered kids that will want to make a difference:

* Can we teach our kids to form a positive self-identity if we are struggling to form our own?

* Can we teach our kids the principle of simple abundance, if we are catering to our material wants, vs. our authentic human needs?

* Can we teach our kids how to enhance their health if we don't understand how our Earth's health impacts it?

* Can we teach our kids the importance of avoiding toxins in the foods they eat, if we don't have a clear understanding about how they hurt their developing brains and bodies?

* Can we teach our kids to use social media wisely, if we are overusing it or abusing it ourselves?

* Can we teach our kids about diversity if we have cultural biases?

* Can we teach our kids about spirituality, if we don't realize that it's about honoring our gifts and serving others?


The answer to these questions, you might agree with me, is: "No, we can't." And, that is why it is so important for us, as parents and mentors, to make sure that our own internal resistance is not hurting our kids's ability and willingness to learn and grow.

Here's my good news for parents, mentors and educators:

Because of my life-long interest in personal healing and planetary transformation, I've devoted many years of my life to the creation of dozens of educational TOOLS that offer to support parents, mentors, and educators in raising kids that have the desire to be healthy and make a difference.

These are "DONE FOR YOU" ed. tools that give you and your kids an immediate and gratifying way to learn (independently and/or collaboratively) about the most important health and survival issues of our time. Through the end of February, I am offering a 50 percent discount on several of my Eco-Mentor training packages, in celebration of my recent birthday and my life-long self-healing journey.

Read about them below, or go here, to CHECK THEM OUT:

* 12 week Eco-Mentor Apprentice Training-(an opportunity for young women (ages 18-21 and up) to learn about the journey of self-healing that led me to become a feminine leader, with an opportunity to begin paving their own path to health and feminine eco-leadership.

Learn about & Read Praise for:

* Eco-Intelligent Mentoring with Tabletop TUTORS (an opportunity for the whole family to learn about clean, green, organic living!)

* 8-12 week Eco-Intelligent Eating Advocate Training (an opportunity for teens and college students to learn about "eco-intelligent" eating vs. "eco-negligent" eating and gain cooking skills, too!)

Learn about & Read Praise for:

* Eco-Intelligent Autism Caregiver & Mentor Training (an opportunity for parents, teens, and young adults to learn about holistic remedies for autism, anxiety, depression, ADHD, and OCD, etc.)

TO GET THE 50 percent DISCOUNT, you must contact me through email to let me know of your interest: (Just hit reply to this email). For those of you who reply to me by the end of this month (only a couple days away!)

If desired, I will also work with you personally, once you purchase the downloadable files from my store that feature my training tools. Sometime in the next several months, I will likely be building a membership site, but the price of my Eco-Mentor training TOOL KITS will increase dramatically when that is set up. So, if you want to save money, I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity NOW! This way, you can learn, make suggestions, and get more of your needs met!

Thanks, and I hope to hear from you. Not interested in this offer? Please forward this email to another parent, mentor, or educator who will find value in it! You'll be doing your part to help life go on for this generation and the next!

Candia Lea Cole

Founder, Eco-Learning Legacies

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