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Who I Am

· My name is Candia Lea Cole.

· I’m a person who was born on earth to respect and honor my sacred birthright, which is the right to be healthy and live on a healthy planet.

· I am an empathetic and compassionate person who cares deeply about the well-being of people and all living things.

· I believe that a loving heart, coupled with kindness, matters.

· I strive to embody kindness and love.

My Story, in a Nutshell

· I was affected by toxins while growing inside of my mother’s womb and I inherited a “dirty gene” that interfered with my body’s ability to perform a number of important biological functions.

· I learned as a teenager that my health issue could not be solved by the allopathic medical system, and I embarked upon a self-healing journey to unearth the origin of my health issues.

· After doing a lot of research and studying, and after being blessed to connect with several doctors who practiced natural medicine, I learned that I had acquired environmental illness.

· Environmental illness, I discovered, was also present within the earth’s body, and it was the reason why I got sick in the first place. (Toxins circulating within the earth impact humans because we are part of the earth’s ecology system.)

· I used my illness to learn about the natural healing arts, and I developed a keen interest in using whole natural foods as a form of medicine for my body, and using organic agriculture as a form of medicine for the earth’s terrestrial body.

What I Do

· I create educational tools that support individuals, families, and wellness educators, in learning about (and teaching others about) how to create a lifestyle that nourishes wellness in their bodies and the earth.

· I use my tools to educate learners about how environmental illness is impacting their health and the planet’s health.

· I use my educational tools to teach learners that their bodies, minds, emotions, and spirits, symbolize their personal ecology system as a whole, and that nature, plants, insects, animals and ecosystems symbolize the earth’s ecology system as a whole.

· I use my tools to teach learners that our human ecology system and our planetary ecology system function as an interdependent system of life that is always exchanging (healthy or un-healthy) energy.

· I use my educational tools to support learners in awakening their eco-intelligence. Eco-intelligence is what I describe as "the innate intelligence that all people and living things are born with that guides us to live in ecological balance and harmony, and make choices that protect and sustain life.”

· I use my educational tools to support learners in developing a healthy and loving relationship with themselves, others, and all living things, and to make eco-conscious lifestyle choices that cater to the well-being of their bodies and the earth.

· I use my educational tools to inspire awareness and life skills in the areas of health, nutrition, ecological disease prevention, natural medicine, holistic well-being, spiritual growth, and feminine leadership.

Why I Do What I Do

· All people and living things are affected by environmental illness, whether they know it or not.

· Over 50 percent of our nation’s children are dealing with a chronic health condition that, oftentimes, doctors are not qualified to diagnose and treat.

· Our social conditioning has led us to develop “affluenza”, a condition in which our socially conditioned wants have become more important than our authentic human needs: our needs to be in relationship and our needs to serve.

· It’s time to lighten our ecological footprint and regrow our broken bonds with nature and reclaim nature’s wisdom for living well.

· Parents are struggling to give their children a true sense of hope about the future of life on earth, because, as the environment degrades, the planet becomes less livable.

· Politicians are beholden to special corporate interests that place profit before the health of people and the planet.

· We are all being asked to move beyond “victimhood” and grow and evolve into a new kind of human being.

What Makes My Ed. Tools Different

· My educational tools are designed to support self-learning, but they are also mentor-supported.

· My tools are designed to invite a learner’s heart and soul into the learning process.

· My tools address different learning needs and styles.

· My tools are easily accessible online and they can be accessed 24-7.

· My tools can be used by an individual alone, or they can be used in a collaborative sense.

· The aim of my tools is to support everyday people in becoming everyday sustainable leaders (aka Eco-Mentors) in their homes and communities.

Who Uses My Ed. Tools

· Parents who are seeking a way to become more eco-literate, and who are looking for educational tools that can support them and their family members in creating eco-intelligent lifestyles.

  • Individuals who don’t learn well in conventional school settings, and who feel that conventional education hasn’t met their real-life needs.

  • Teenagers and college students who are passionate advocates for clean, green living, because they know their future depends on the eco-conscious actions that they take now.

  • Students of life who want to discover how they can use their own personal healing journeys as a catalyst for planetary healing.

  • Wellness educators who want to understand the relationship between our personal and planetary ills, and who want to educate their patients.

What Sets Me Apart from Conventional Educators

  • As an educator, I bring a lifetime of experience in the realms of self-learning, self-healing, and self-inspired leadership. I’ve learned that leadership development is rooted in personal development.

  • I don’t consider myself an authority. I consider every learner an authority in their own learning process.

  • I use learning principles to teach about eco-intelligent living, and I inspire learners to connect their minds and hearts in the learning process.

  • I support learners in identifying their strengths, as well as their perceived limitations and stress to them that hidden within their vulnerability, is their strength.

  • I encourage discipline in the learning process, because I believe that discipline is the highest form of self-love.

  • I teach learners that “the seeds of their actions matter”, no matter what outcome they produce, and that it’s important to live in the present moment.

Why I Named My Business Eco-Learning Legacies

· I named my company Eco-Learning Legacies because I wanted to invite people from different generations to come together and heal what is broken in us and the world today.

· I believe that if come together to participate in an educational legacy that serves to respect and honor the ecological needs of all people and living things, we can heal. The process of healing is a process of recognizing our innate wholeness and nurturing it.

· Health and happiness is our God-given birthright! Even if happiness sometimes seems elusive, we can strive to create a sense of safety and comfort in our lives, and we can practice doing the two things that offer to be most fulfilling: connecting and serving!

Blessings, Candia Lea Cole Founder, Eco-Learning Legacies

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