Why I Named My Company Eco-Learning Legacies I named my company Eco-Learning Legacies because I wanted to invite people of all ages and backgrounds to join me in becoming part of a collective educational legacy that would invite true and lasting change on earth in the 21st century. I wanted to support people in reawakening their innate eco-intelligence. Eco-intelligence is what I describe as "the intelligence that all people and living things are born with that guides us to live in ecological balance and harmony, and make choices that protect and sustain life rather than destroy it. As a global culture, it's clear to see (given the fact that humans and the earth are experiencing "environmental illness" on a massive scale) that we disconnected from our eco-intelligence a long time ago. Whether this disconnection was a conscious choice or an unconscious choice influenced by our social conditioning, doesn't really matter. What matters is that we get reconnected to our innate eco-intelligence, ASAP!

What I Do:·

· I support individuals, families, and wellness educators in learning about (and teaching others about) healthy, holistic, eco-sustainable living.

· I inspire self-awareness and planetary awareness; teach the value and necessity of integrating one’s personal needs with the planet’s needs.

· I oversee the development of practical life skills that empower individuals to create eco-intelligent lifestyles.

· I nurture the heart and soul of learners vs. their thinking brains alone, and invite autonomy in the learning process.

· I empower individuals to become everyday sustainable leaders (aka Eco-Mentors) in their homes and communities.

Why I Do What I Do:

· Parents are struggling to give their children a true sense of hope about the future of life on earth, because, as the environment degrades, the planet becomes less livable.

· The health of families is being hurt by toxins in the environment.

Over 50 percent of our nation’s children are dealing with a chronic health condition that, oftentimes, doctors are not qualified to diagnose and treat.

· We are all being called to lighten our ecological footprint and get in touch with out authentic human needs (including our need for connection) versus our socially conditioned wants that are ego driven.

· Politicians are not going to do the work of healing us or our planet. They are beholden to special corporate interests that place profit before the health of people and the planet.

· We are all being asked to grow and evolve into a new kind of human being, one that is aware of our ecological needs as a whole, and aware of our purpose as we set out meet the challenge of creating a new and better reality.

Purpose of the Education I Offer:

· To reconnect learners with their innate eco-intelligence, which invites them to live whole and celebrate their sacred birthright.

· To support learners in cultivating an eco-intelligent worldview, -one that supports awareness about the connections that are needed to sustain life within our human ecology system as a whole (ie; our bodies, minds, emotions and spirits as a whole), as well as our planetary ecology system as a whole.

· To support learners in developing a healthy and loving relationship with themselves, others, and all living things.

· To support learners in making healthy, eco-conscious lifestyle choices that cater to the well-being of their bodies and the earth.

· To support learners in moving out of “victim consciousness” by showing them how the imperfect circumstances in their lives are actually perfect for their learning and growth.

What Makes Me Unique as an Educator: ·

I bring rich and meaningful life experiences to my role as an eco-lifestyle educator.·

My mission is rooted in the spirit of kindness, love, understanding, compassion, and healing. ·I meet people where they are at, give them permission to be themselves, and encourage them to respect their own authority in the learning process. ·

I am a leader, in the sense that I enjoy empowering others and helping them to identify their strengths as well as their perceived limitations, so they can grow into their wholeness.

I believe that although the ecological issues we are dealing with are serious, --we can’t get lost in a doom and gloom mentality. It’s the reason why I interject fun into the educational process, whenever I can.

What Makes My Ed. Tools Different:

· I don’t have just one ed. tool or product, I have several. The variety that I offer gives me a creative way to meet the needs of different types of learners and learning styles.

· I create books, info-graphics, and trainings that include audios and videos. These give people a way to learn about (and teach others about) different aspects of eco-intelligent living, including: health, nutrition, ecological disease prevention, natural medicine, holistic well-being, spiritual growth, and feminine leadership.

· My learning tools and training packages are easily accessible online and they can be accessed 24-7. The educational tools that I offer my students are self-guided and mentor supported. They can be used by an individual alone, or a learner can use them with another learner in a collaborative sense.

· Those who participate in my trainings will have the option of becoming Eco-Mentor Affiliates who can earn money by recommending my products to others.

Who Uses My Ed. Tools:

  • Moms who are seeking a way to become more eco-literate, and who are looking for educational tools that can support them in sharing an eco-lifestyle education legacy with their young adult children.

  • People who don’t learn well in conventional school settings, who are seeking ed. materials that think outside the box, and that apply to their personal needs in the 21st century.

  • Teens who are passionate advocates for green living, and who want to learn how to care for the relationships that lie at the core of personal health and planetary well-being.

  • College students who want to embody the new definition of leadership (the desire to make a difference in the world) and who appreciate the idea that professional development is rooted in personal development.

  • Students of life who want to discover how they can use their own personal healing journeys as a catalyst for planetary healing.

  • wellness educators who want to understand the relationship between our personal and planetary ills, and who want to educate their patients, using creative educational tools that save them time and energy.

  • Are You Ready to Be Part of a Collective Ed. Legacy that Will Help You & Humanity Reclaim its Eco-Intelligence?

Will you join me in focusing on healing environmental illness in your body and the earth? My educational tools, I'm happy to tell you, support you in doing both, simultaneously! If you'd like to learn more, kindly "hit reply" and let's have a conversation. If you know someone who should know about the mission of Eco-Learning Legacies, by all means tell them about it! Just simply telling someone else about my mission and urging them to go to my website and sign up for my newsletter is a way to participate in a collective educational legacy that invites true and lasting change! Baby steps can lead to big leaps! In the coming weeks, I will be sharing more about some of my latest ed. creations. So stay tuned! Blessings, Candia Lea Cole Founder, Eco-Learning Legacies www.ecointelligenteating.com www.eco-mentor.com

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