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This past weekend, I earned my certificate as a Climate Reality leader, after attending The Climate Reality Leadership Corps training, held in Mpls. 1200 people attended from all over the world, with 450 from Minnesota alone. And, WOW!, --was it ever exciting to team up with some of the people who share my passion, and who represent a segment of my tribe!


Al Gore gave a 2.5 hour slide show presentation about the climate crisis and its solutions. Watching his slide show, which showed the devastation that is taking place all around the world was sobering to say the least. Extreme weather is just the tip of the iceberg! What happens to people, living things, the economy, and the strength of nations as a result of extreme weather, is the real problem! Is there any REAL HOPE for humanity? The answer is yes. But none of us can afford to sit out the crisis and hope that somebody else will do something about it. Knowledge is power, so if you're not educated on the issue, it's time to change that! How much do you really know about our current climate reality?


1) Our increasingly hot climate has been decades in the making.

2) The worst of our climate change problems has developed over the past 35 years, due in large part to human activities.

3) Ten percent of the of the extra heat that is trapped by man made global warming pollution is absorbed by the oceans.

4) Warm oceans have nothing to do with the killer storms we are experiencing in the US and across the globe.

5) Marginalized populations such as American Indian communities and African American communities across the globe are/will be more hurt by climate change than anybody else.

6) In the near future, the heat in various parts of the world will render many regions uninhabitable.

7) The world could see up to one billion climate immigrants.

8) Globally, in 2018, droughts caused 28 billion dollars in damage.

9) Water is needed to irrigate the world's food crops and raise the animals that are used for food consumption.

10) Water shortages will undoubtedly create water wars, because water scarcity affects more than 40 percent of the world's population.

11) We can depend on rain water to fill our dams.

12 The North Pole has now experienced mid-winter heat waves for 3 years in a row.

13) Globally, floods and rainfall events occur four times more often that in 1980.

14) In the US 12 million people or more people could lose their homes due to sea level rise caused by global warming of 2 degrees.

15) Climate change cannot be considered a medical emergency.

16) Worldwide, air pollution kills more than 9 million people a year. 17) We risk losing up to 50 percent of land based species in this century.

18) Economic losses from extreme weather totaled 653 billion over the past two years alone.

16) Lyme's, Cholera, and Malaria are becoming major public health threats due to higher temperatures on the earth.

19) Climate change is lowering pollen counts, which is good news for allergy sufferers.

20) Globally, wind power could supply worldwide electricity consumption 40 times over.

21) Solar plus batteries have the potential to initiate a dramatic transformation of human civilization.

22) Reducing carbon emissions is the key to a healthier sustainable future and electric cars can help to do this.

23) Organic farming sequesters carbon in the soil, and that means less carbon in the atmosphere.

24) Cutting down the rain forests to make room for cattle and meat production destroys the lungs (trees) of the earth which are designed by nature to filter carbon.

25) Eating at least one vegetarian meal a week can help to reduce the use of fossil fuels and reduce methane gas (greenhouse gas) produced by cattle.

How did you score? Numbers 4, 15, 19, were False. All the rest were true statements!


20,000 climate leaders across 150 countries are coming together to help solve the climate reality issues mentions in the quiz. And many more will be trained in the years to come. Yes, we need policy changes to create sweeping action, AND grassroots movements are a force to be reckoned with, that can foster this action! So let's get busy!

And, remember: I created ECO- LEARNING LEGACIES (and ALL of my educational tools) to support you in doing YOUR part!

Awakening your eco-intelligence, being a green consumer, and eating in a way that promotes sustainability are just a few of the smart actions you to can take RIGHT NOW, TODAY, to be a climate reality leader in your own home and community!

Candia Lea Cole Founder

Eco-Learning Legacies

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