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Is Your Mental & Emotional Health Calling for a Tune-Up or an Overhaul?

Do you sometimes experience mental fatigue and brain fog? Do you ever wrestle with feelings of anxiety and depression? Have you ever dealt with OCD, ADD, learning challenges, or memory issues? If so, I probably don't have to tell that you’re among millions (young and older alike) who are struggling with these issues!

I, Myself, Have Struggled with Mental, Emotional, and Neurological Issues During My Lifetime *

Although many people don’t know it, because I wear a mostly cheerful face in public, I have dealt with anxiety and depression "off and on" since my childhood. * I’ve also dealt with OCD at certain times in my life, --for instance, when I’ve become overly stressed out, or I’ve been exposed to some sort of toxin or allergen that turns on an inflammatory response in my brain.* In addition to these conditions, I've been physically disabled by viruses that invaded my neurological system, as well as toxic radiation and EMF's that multiplied their effect. Believe me when I tell you that I know what it's like, to experience a pitch dark night of the soul! * Currently, I am working to improve my brain cognition due to a species of mold found in my body which is known to hurt brain health. (Some of you might remember that my husband and I got chased out of our old "mold house" a year ago, and are now currently building a new home.)

Why I've Developed an Interest in Mental Health

Like me, my family circle has been affected by mental, emotional, and neurological health issues. I have witnessed the development of depression and brain tumor (in my dad) mood disorder (in my mom), OCD and anxiety (in my son), OCD and Parkinson's (in my brother), and OCD and Asperger’s (in my aunt).

Are environmental toxins, allergens, and hidden infections undermining your mental health? And if so, how would you know, and what can you what can you do about it?

My new book offers you the kind of insights and help you might be seeking, and today, I'm offering the book for a special low price, along with a gift.

My Story in Nutshell I first became aware of the relationship between environmental toxins and illness when I was a teenager coping with the symptoms of environmental illness. Because no doctors had any answers for me, I made the bold decision to take my health concerns into my own two hands. Thankfully, because I had a hungry mind and a fierce determination to get well, I embarked upon a self-healing journey.

My Self-Healing Journey Prepared Me to Unravel a Medical Mystery

On my journey I studied every book I could get my hands on that dealt with the subject of human biology and disease prevention. I also studied the work of naturopathic doctors that were versed in traditional medicine and ancient forms of healing. Slowly, but surely, I began to unravel the mystery of how I got sick, and what I needed to do in order to “get well.”

What Environmental Illness Taught Me

One of the most important realizations I made during the course of my health quest, was that I had been dealing with a toxic body burden. This burden, I learned, resulted from many different factors. What I didn’t know when I first embarked on educational path, was that I had been born with a gene deficiency that predisposed me to conditions such as depression, autism, and other neurological health issues. This gene abnormality also predisposed me to an inability to process toxins and metabolize hormones properly.

My Opportunity to Create a Clean, Green Lifestyle

The different ailments that I dealt with as a result of my exposure to toxins (which I talk about in my book) made life difficult for me, as a young woman. But the good thing about my situation was that I was led to explore a clean, green, non-toxic lifestyle. Through this new lifestyle I was able to begin detoxifying my body, ---and that process made all of the difference in the world for me and my health! Not only did I have the opportunity to learn about new and empowering lifestyle practices, I was inspired to cultivate a deep, new friendship with myself. I was also motivated to grow my bonds with nature, which my social conditioning hadn't taught me to do. As you might imagine, these actions served to uplift me, both emotionally and spiritually.

Should You or Your Loved Ones "Walk in My Footsteps" to Create Better Mental Health?

Millions of people who are impacted by mental health ills, I recognize, have opted to take a drug to ease their discomfort, and in some cases, this may be necessary. Having said, this, it is a well–known fact that drugs can have dangerous side effects, and for many, they simply don’t work. While mental health counseling can be helpful, --it too, may not be enough for some. Personally speaking, I believe that if one pays attention to their physical needs first (as I did), they will gain the ENERGY they need to address deeper emotional and spiritual issues that lie at the core of their being. As I discovered on my own journey, a healthy diet (with gently cleansing properties) can go a long way in loosening cellular memories that may be contributing to mental health issues.

Nutrition is ‘Key’ to Support Brain Health Recovery

As an aside, I dated a man a few decades ago now, who worked as a health counselor at a drug and alcohol rehab center. What he taught me at that time, was that the people he served who were dealing with addiction issues didn't even begin to recover (and they often relapsed) UNTIL they addressed chemical imbalances in their brains, with good nutrition. Needless to say....he didn't need to convince me!

So tell me: Are you interested in learning how nutrition can help you to have a healthier, happier brain?

If so, don't miss this opportunity to check out my book: “Nourish Your Mental & Emotional Well-Being the Eco-Intelligent Way!”

Nourishing your mental and emotional well-being" the eco-intelligent way", my book asserts, is about learning how to nourish your body, mind, heart, and soul as a whole, and also cultivating a healthy relationship with the natural world that nourishes your connection to life. Cultivating a healthy connection to nature and the natural world is just as important as cultivating a healthy relationship with yourself because there is an inextricable link between the earth's health and your own. Right now, our earth's health is ailing greatly, due to our unconscious human behavior. It is important if we are going to continue to depend on the earth for our health and survival, that we make lifestyle choices that can sustain its health, as well as our own.

Are You Ready to Feel Better, Lighter, and Healthier?

Are you ready to learn about the kinds of toxins we must stop producing, which are known to create a burden of toxicity in the earth, as well as the human body and brain?

· Do you want to gain awareness about the ways in which infections, parasites, mold, and radiation hurt your physical and mental health? More importantly, do you want to know the remedies I'm using to deal with these issues?

· Do you want to learn about the kinds of foods that you must avoid if you don’t want to experience mental health issues that originate from an inflamed brain and gut? · Would you like to learn about the kinds of foods you can use to detoxify each organ in your body, including your brain?

· Do you want to explore how you can use whole foods and superfoods, as well as medicinal herbs and spices, to nourish whole-body health and immunity?

· Would you like to explore the kind of supplements and remedies that nature's pharmacy provides, for the purpose of balancing your brain chemistry and supporting you energetically?

-Last, but not least, would you like to learn (from my story), a sophisticated way of relating to mental health issues? (A way that brings mental health issues out of hiding, and which explores the teachings that pain offers.)

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, I trust that you will benefit greatly from reading my book, which, in essence, is part research, part memoir, and part health prescription.

In my book, I share my personal story with you, in much greater depth. I also share my parenting story. You'll be encouraged to think about the role that self-awareness and emotional honesty play in your healing and your family's healing. You'll realize that pain is passed through our family line until we are ready to feel it, heal it, and let it go.

Where You Can Purchase My New Book

For a limited time (through November 17th) , I will be offering my new book for just $15.00, which is 10 dollars less than what I plan to charge for the hard copy. Once you make a purchase, you will be able to instantly download a folder that contains the book (I've segmented each chapter for instant reference and easy reading) AND I've also included an audio version of my story, and my parenting story along with it, if you'd like to hear my voice.

Here's a link to my store, where the book is available:

Wishing you the courage to change the things you can!

If you appreciate the content of this newsletter (or if you have questions about my offer), please let me know. I love hearing from you, --- it nourishes my mind and heart!

Please consider sharing this letter with your tribe, your family, and friends, who might benefit from it!

Candia Lea Candia Lea Cole

Founder, Eco-Learning Legacies

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