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Using My Ability to 'Vision' & 'Channel' to Create My Educational Tools

When I woke up today, the question that I was guided to answer for you on the pages of my

eco-journal was: "How have I used my ability to vision and to channel, for the purpose of creating ed. tools that foster personal and planetary well-being?"

Vision, I want to start off by saying, is more than the ability to see with our eyes. It is the ability to see with our mind's eye. And when we use our vision intuitively, artistically, and constructively, we have the opportunity to imagine, plan, and create a whole new personal reality, as well as a whole new planetary reality.

As someone who often refers to myself as an 'eco-visionary', I often depend on my VISION to create the kinds of ed. tools that I imagine our homes, communities, and societies NEED, in order to thrive, versus barely survive in the 21st century.

The kind of educational tools that I've created are decidedly different than most of the ed. tools you might find in schools, although I've often thought that they belong in school settings where WHOLE PERSON learning is encouraged, ---like Waldorf High schools, perhaps?

The thing that makes my ed. tools different than your typical standardized learning tools is that they feature learning themes that represent the outgrowth of my own personal learning experiences.

In a nutshell, those learning experiences have centered around what I've LEARNED about my place and function within the grand scheme of life, and what I've DISCOVERED about the importance of growing healthy bonds with myself and the natural world. They've also centered around the ways in which I've EMPOWERED myself to make healthy lifestyle choices that support well-being in my body and the earth as a whole. And, they've centered around how I've used my personal development as a CATALYST for my development as a leader.

I never dreamed, when I set out on my own journey of self-healing so many decades ago now, that the things I was destined to learn about were also destined to SEED AN EDUCATIONAL VISION and MISSION inside of me.

I never dreamed that I would be using my own life lessons about health, healing, and transformation, as the basis for the creation of curriculum materials that would serve to support the well-being of others.

Developing curriculum materials has been a very interesting experience for me, mainly because I am not a formally trained educator. But as I've discovered over the years, while creating books, and courses, and cooking videos, and podcasts, and info-graphics, ---I wasn't meant to be formally trained educator. I was meant to use my INNER VISIONS to create my ed. tools, AND I was meant to use my ability to CHANNEL the messages and teachings that they offer.

My ability to channel, you might be curious to know, is sort of like having the ability to be a language translator or interpreter. It happens, naturally for me, when I simply allow myself to sense non-verbal forms of communication in the natural world and beyond, and when I translate what I see, hear, and feel into human ideas and words.

While I can’t say for sure who or what is guiding me in the channeling process, I have always felt that it's a small community of “angels” and “spirit guides” on “the other side” (as well as "nature spirits" right here on earth), who I feel are watching over me and encouraging me to share my inspirations with humanity.

In all of my years as an Eco-Mentor, I've rarely spoken to the public about the places "where" I draw guidance from in the creation of my ed. tools, because I've always considered my ability to channel, a God-given gift and a sacred responsibility. But as I choose to share it with you now, I hope it simply helps you to distinguish my work from the work of others.

One of the educational tools that I've created, which I'm the most proud of, and which symbolizes the most fertile outgrowth of my visions and my channeling process, is my Eco-Mentor Leadership Training for women.

This is a training that I wish someone had developed for me, when I was a young woman who was dealing with the symptoms environmental illness, and I didn't have a lot of support for my self-healing journey. Had I had this training in my hands, I would have felt that I had a compassionate and caring friend in my life, who inspired me to care for and love my body, mind, and soul, as well as the natural world, where healing often originates from.

Are you at all intrigued by the message that I'm sharing with you today? ? if so, I'd like to invite you to explore my Eco-Mentor Leadership Training.

I have two training options that you can choose from. The short, 8-12 week option is my Eco-Mentor Apprentice Training.

It offers you an opportunity to read my memoir, and walk in my footsteps on my path to eco-intelligent living, I invite you to witness the ways in which I used my illness (my pain) to explore the world of natural healing...awaken my innate the six ingredients of eco-intelligent living...and eventually "give birth" to the feminine leader within me.

The companion to my Apprentice Training is my Eco-Mentor Activist Training. This longer, 6-12 month option offers you an opportunity to explore the "six steps" to eco-intelligent living that offer to support YOU in birthing the Eco-Mentor that I know YOU were born to be!

If you would like more information about my companion Eco-Mentor trainings, I encourage you to contact me at: You can also get a "sample taste" of the trainings themes, by visiting my website page where I give an overview of the them, and by watching the video that is posted along with this blog.

Here's a link to the short 6 min. video:


Candia Lea Cole

Founder, Eco-Learning Legacies

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