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Do you know people who are suffering with allergies, serious intestinal health challenges, cancer, Parkinson's disease, Autism, and other "mystery" health problems? Are you aware that glyphosate, a toxic and deadly chemical that is sprayed onto our nation's food crops is one of the causes of these types of dis-ease conditions? It sickens me to think this poisonous chemical is being applied to our nation's food crops with ZERO regard for our personal and planetary ecology systems so that Monsanto and its lobbyists can get bigger, greedier, and richer.

But I am glad to tell you, -if you haven't already heard, that the group Moms Across America has just released a powerful new video called “Communities Rising” that exposes the toxic effects on human health and earth life of GMOs and glyphosate. You Can Watch the Video here: This film, produced by Zen Honeycutt, (mother of three allergy affected kids), highlights everyday people around the globe who are saying "enough is enough", and taking matters into their own hands, to raise awareness about the alternative, which is organically raised food. "“I’m confident that we’re in the process of ending this chemical era and taking back our food supply”, she recently told Natural News.

While I agree with Zen that a movement exists to take back our food supply, I don't think we can rest on our laurels and depend upon a few powerful and passionate people to lead the way. I think that we all need to lead the way, each and every day.

That said, I encourage you to watch her film and support the movement that she has initiated, by choosing to be an organic consumer. Our organic food production system s not perfect, but it's a far cry better than our industrial system! Every mom in America needs to see this documentary. And, so does every dad, and every consumer of food! ​

Here are two videos featuring Dr. Stephanie Seneff, who talks about why and how to detoxify glyphosate from the body.

Be strong and vigilant! AND...Let me know, if you'd like to Become a Certified Eco-Intelligent Eating Advocate this summer! Get all of the details here, on my website: I hope to hear from you! Candia Lea Cole Founder, Eco-Learning Legacies

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