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Summer is going fast! But there's still time to enjoy some creamy, icy treats. One of my favorite dessert-like recipes from my book "Super Smoothies-Taste the Nectar of Life!"combines non-dairy ice cream with fresh avocado and a couple other unique ingredients! Check out this video of me putting together this super simple recipe, and sharing it with a little girl who is my neighbor. (Can you tell that I like kids?!)

Here's a link to the VIDEO: For more great recipes, here's a link to my Super Smoothies Video Class on my website:

BTW: Are you a consumer of Ben and Jerry's Ice cream products? If so, you may want to put your spoon down right now and stop licking your lips at the thought of it. Why? Because the cows that are being used to make their product have been found to contain loads of Monsanto's toxic, cancer causing glyphosate herbicide. If you're thinking to yourself "don't Ben and Jerry's owners claim to be all about social and environmental justice?" The answer is "NO", ---not since they were bought out by transnational Unilever corporation. Organic Consumer's Association (OCA) is launching a new initiative to get glyphosate out of Ben and Jerry's ice cream, and, boy, do they mean business!

You're encouraged to do your part!

Call Ben & Jerry’s (802-846-1500) and ask the company to go organic

Post on Ben & Jerry’s Facebook page

Candia Lea Cole

Founder, Eco-Learning Legacies

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