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Will You Answer the Spiritual Calling to Become

A Certified Eco-Mentor?

Last year, I came to a crossroads in my life, and I had to make a decision that would impact me for the rest of my life.


Decision 1.) Abandon a beautiful Eco-Mentor Training curriculum that I had devoted 12 years of my life to creating, which never got launched because of a neurological illness that I suffered, which disabled me for several years. This decision, I realized, would lead me to bury the curriculum, hold a funeral for its passing in my life, and essentially, cause me to feel deep regret for not getting it into the hands of the people that I knew needed it and wanted it.   


Decision 2.) Remove the curriculum from my office closet where it had been living in total obscurity for at least seven years, and update (re-birth) the whole thing to launch it in the world for the very first time. This decision, I realized, would create thousands of hours of work for me. But it would also lead me to answer my soul’s calling: the calling to serve as an Eco-Mentor, and to guide Mothers, daughters, and others, to do the same.  



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An Eco-Mentor is a woman (younger or older alike) who is deeply concerned about the health challenges that are impacting the health of people and the planet. She has the heartfelt desire to live in an eco-conscious way on the earth; a way that nourishes holistic well-being in her body and the earth. An Eco-Mentor sees the wisdom in using her healing journey as a catalyst for the earth’s healing, and she understands the value of sharing her life wisdom with others whose health and well-being she cares about.

Which Decision Do You Think I Made?

I’m happy to tell you that I chose Decision 2. I chose it because, even though I didn’t need the weight of another big project on my shoulders, my heart could not bear the thought of not sharing my work. Thankfully, my community of angels and spirit guides "on the other side" came forward to support me in getting my course reworked in record time. What originally took me 12 years to produce, was completed in "God-speed" fashion within a year and a half!

My Re-Birthing (Re-Visioning) Process Was Intense, But Rewarding!

My labor started with the revision of my memoir (pictured on the left) originally penned 12 years ago. I spliced 100 pages from the original manuscript, refined my story, redesigned the book’s jacket, and revised the title: “Born to Live Green-Awakening My Heart’s Wisdom to the Path of Eco-Intelligent Living, Learning, Healing, & Mentoring.” I also audio-recorded the whole book, 240 pages. The new version, I’m happy to say, has been inviting wonderful, heartfelt reviews, and more importantly, I’ve realized how much I’ve grown as a writer.  

My labor continued with the revision of my Eco-Mentor Guidebook, a book that is part curriculum and part entrée to my Eco-Mentor training curriculum online. I cut a few of the book’s original chapters, added some new ones, and audio-recorded them. I also revised the book’s title: “Nourish Your Eco-Intelligence: Become the Eco-Mentor You Were Born to Be!”  Like my memoir, this book is also getting great reviews from parents, teachers, and Ph.D. professors alike.


From Book Creation to Digital Online Course Creation!


 Both my memoir and Eco-Mentor Guidebook (in audio formats) are used together in my Eco-Mentor Apprentice Training online: Click here to see how:

I also updated six Discovery & Empowerment Activity Journals, books that I designed to be used along with the previously mentioned books, which introduce my six-step pathway to eco-intelligent living. As you might imagine, this was a whopper of a task! After revising each book, I turned their lesson content into 24 beautiful videos and 24 audio recordings.


From Book Creation to Digital Online Course Creation!


Both my Eco-Mentor Guidebook and my 6 Journals (in audio and video formats) are used together in my Eco-Mentor Activist Training online: Click here to see how:


Every Home and Community Needs an Eco-Mentor!

Now You Can Get Certified as One!

The upside-down, toxic world we live in today is far from perfect, and yet the circumstances we are encountering are perfect for our learning and growth. Do you hear the calling to become an Eco-Mentor? If so, I invite you to join me in consuming the deliciously engaging "educational meal" I've prepared for you, that will nourish your body, mind, heart, and soul, as well as your connection to the greater whole of life!


Candia Lea Cole

Founder, Eco-Learning Legacies

(my e-learning platform)


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