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2017 Is Winding Down (Are You?)

Finding Solace on the Day of the Winter Solstice

With 2017 winding down and Santa on his way, it’s likely that many of us have been so busy “giving out” energy that we’ve overlooked some of our own needs, and we haven’t taken adequate time to reflect on what the previous year has meant to our growth and development. I’ve Been ‘Laying Low’ This month, I’ve been nursing a frozen shoulder and (what feels like) a torn rotator cuff. It hasn’t been fun, and in fact, this newsletter won’t get finished without me taking many breaks. My injury, needless to say, has forced me to slow down. Last week, while staying off my computer, I read two books, something I have not had the luxury of doing for a long time, while busy writing my own books and educational materials. I also did something out of the ordinary that I haven’t done in decades. I made an appointment to speak with an internationally respected psychic medium. While I usually rely on my own intuition to get insights about myself and my life, I decided to reach outside myself for some input. It’s a treat (if you’ve never tried it) to connect with someone who has the rare gift of being able to connect with one’s ancestors on “the other side” (as well as angels and ET’s) who waiting in the wings to bring us additional clarity, and help us remember that we are never truly alone. What My Ancestors & the Other Sacred Beings Said: What my ancestors and the sacred beings communicated to me during my reading with the medium was not new to me, but it certainly validated what I already knew and felt. Here’s what came through in my reading:

“Candia: You’ve never felt totally at home on planet Earth, yet your soul agreed to come here and be a source of light and love… you’re now preparing for your rebirth after a long period of (what has felt like) death… you’ve been healing many wounds (from various lifetimes) over the years and clearing karma…. It’s time to find your sense of ease and freedom again…It’s okay if you don’t work so much…. You need to do some restorative yoga to strengthen your spine… it’s time to release all of the disappointments that have resulted from your losses....Your progress has been interrupted, and certain people have not been honest with you…but all is in perfect order...You have some special counseling abilities that people need, and that your guides want you to share more of…your students want to get closer to you now…in the coming year, look to leaders like yourself who are here to evolve the planet’s consciousness, and collaborate with them”…

My Hardships Have Been Preparing Me

I was reminded after my reading, how important it is to trust my own inner knowing. I was also reminded that even though I don’t always feel totally at home on this planet, and I have had lots of obstacles to clear on my Earthly path, and I have faced many setbacks over the last several years due to health challenges, as well as other losses, --I know in my heart that I've been preparing for my soul’s greatest role on this Earth: The role of an Eco-Mentor. The health of the planet, and the health of people and living things, has never been at greater risk. And each and every person that is now walking the face of the Earth is being asked to SHIFT out of their old belief systems, attitudes, and unconscious lifestyle habits, so that we can create a new and better reality for all. My Personal Healing Journey Has Served as a Catalyst for my Role as a Planetary Healer & Change Agent One of the ways that I, myself, have been shifting out of my old beliefs, attitudes, and lifestyle practices, is by walking the path of a self-healer since the age of 17. Another way that I’ve been shifting out of my old ways of being is by using the lessons I’ve gained on my self-healing journey to create dozens of ed. tools that offer to support humanity in exploring the path of self-healing. The most difficult shift I’ve had to make in my life, is the shift away from personal citizenship alone, to global leadership. While my astrology books confirm that I am a ‘natural born leader’, ---I am sometimes pained by society’s definition of a leader, which, for the most part, has conditioned millions of people (including me) to think we are not fully qualified to be one!

How Our Culture Is Conditioned, To View Leaders

Leaders are most often identified in our culture as people who have achieved a certain untouchable rank, status, or income. Society’s expectation of leaders is that they should know more than the masses do. (The truth is, no leader has all of the answers). Leaders are expected to do a lot. (Unfortunately, they often get burned out, by taking on too many issues of concern, because other people are unwilling to). Leaders are expected to connect with other global leaders to create well-being, unity, and prosperity for all. (Sometimes, as evidenced by the actions and words of our own president, this doesn’t go as smoothly as planned).

One of the challenges that I have faced as a leader in recent years, is based on the idea that other leaders (just like myself), have been so busy working on their own internal shifts, they have been too distracted or too ungrounded to form truly sustainable relationships.

My Goals as an Eco-Mentor in 2018

One of my goals in the year ahead is to carefully cultivate relationships with a few select leaders, who like me, have come to see themselves as leaders, not because of their rank or status in the world, but because of their heartfelt desire to make a difference. Another one of my goals is to use my newsletters and my educational tools to help YOU become aware of YOUR OWN ROLE as a leader.

One of my favorite quotes is: “The health of a nation begins in the home.” I like this quote because it suggests that leadership begins in the home, when we take care as parents, to prepare our kids for life in the real world, and, when we instill values in them that awaken them to their innate eco-intelligence. I also like this quote because it suggests that our health begins when we care for the health of our universal home-OUR beloved planet EARTH!

Do You See Yourself as a Leader?

Do you see yourself as a leader? Do you have the heartfelt desire to make a difference in the health of your family and the Earth you live on? Would you like to join me this year in becoming an Eco-Mentor, ---beginning in the privacy, safety, and comfort of your own home? Or, would you be willing to do some community outreach, by telling others about the work and mission of Eco-Learning Legacies?

Setting YOUR Intentions for 2018

Today, we have the support of the winter Solstice, to help us in setting new intentions for ourselves in 2018. What does this mean, you might be wondering? The ancients believed that the solstice (the shortest and darkest day of the year in the northern hemisphere) provides a potent time for going inward to contemplate one’s spiritual journey, in order to find inner illumination.

10 Questions That Offer to Support Your Illumination

I invite you to pause and reflect on a short list of questions that I’ve provided for you below. These questions may help you to clarify your personal and planetary intentions for 2018.

  • What challenges have you faced in 2017?

  • Have you asked yourself: “what are my challenges teaching me, and guiding me to do differently?” rather than: “why am I facing these challenges?”

  • What have you learned in the process, and how has it enhanced your personal growth in 2017?

  • What would you like to honor about your journey in 2017?

  • What amazing thing(s) happened for you this year that are worth celebrating?

  • How will you acknowledge yourself and your needs in a way that’s meaningful for you? (Will education be a part of acknowledging your needs?)

  • How will you acknowledge Mother Earth’s needs in a way that’s meaningful for you?

  • What do you want to create for 2018?

  • Have you thought about how my educational tools might help you or someone you love, to be healthier, and create a healthier safer planet to live on?

  • Do you understand that by becoming a leader, you are simply stepping forward to make a difference in your life, or the life of someone you love?

I would love to hear about your challenges this past year, and how they are serving to guide you in 2018.

Sending you lots of love and light this holiday season! Candia Lea Candia Lea Cole Founder, Eco-Learning Legacies [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif] [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]

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