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I'd like to share two new books with you that I recently released.

Get your free copy of my new booklet: "Answering Our Urgent Need to Adopt an Eco-Sustainable Eating Model."

This book makes a case for why we need to say "goodbye" to the USDA eating model (a model that places profit ahead of the health of people and the planet) and "hello" to my Eco-Intelligent Eating Model (a model that promotes health and sustainability.)

Learn about my Parenting book: "Parenting Our 'Special Needs' Youth the Eco-Intelligent Way!"

This book is a very personal account of my journey to understand the underlying causes of conditions such as depression, anxiety, OCD, bipolar, and learning and behavioral challenges. It tells you why I believe that every young person in our world today has special needs, and it shares what I've learned on my own self-healing journey about the necessity of living in an eco-intelligent way, a way that fosters our health, healing, and spiritual evolution.

Get the book and audio here:

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